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Social Listening and Response

Great Platform If You're Willing to Pay for It

Overall it's a great and reliable platform. Reporting can be a bit challenging, and without sitting down and looking at the raw data it's easy to think you're performing worse than you actually are. It's also not a cheap platform, you're going to pay significantly more than most SocialCRMs.

Online Communities, Social Listening and Response

Their Product Management team are accessible, smart, and very helpful.

They are always taking our feedback into account and have built new features based on our needs

Social Listening and Response

One of the best FB and Twitter service tools. Needs to keep up and with global needs.

Lithium is a first class social tool and vendor. Their Response product was easily adopted by our agent workforce and operations team. Lithium’s user experience is intuitive and well designed. Their technical support is exceptional – always knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. We also see value and appreciate their approach to pulling customers together to learn from each other. Lithium’s performance has been poor in account and customer success management. We expected a higher level of customer service when evaluating the value of Lithium and social customer care. It's not clear how to influence their product roadmap. For example, as FB bots have grown in popularity, Lithium has not kept up. Agents using Lithium cannot see the bot-side of the conversation and therefore miss important context to help customers without asking them to repeat themselves. We raised this concern 4 months ago and it’s not clear when this will be resolved (they need to update to FB’s Messenger API). As another example, at last summer's LINC conference, companies asked when they would support more channels including LINE, WeChat, and Kakao. Their CEO said on stage that they would accelerate these roadmap items. We’re 6+ months later and they just delivered WeChat support, but no other additions. We are also interested in evaluating a “push” vs “pull” model for pushing social service cases to agents. We asked Lithium about this capability and it’s not clear if this made it onto their roadmap (do they have the same level of expertise in service as others such as Conversocial and Sprinklr). Overall, we are happy with our choice to ramp up on Social customer service with Lithium. As we learn more in this space, we continue to evaluate alternatives.

Online Communities, Social Listening and Response

Smooth implementation ... really wish there was a push system!

Great support from higher/highest levels of the company (great collaboration/partnership), we struggle a bit with the tier 1 support as the company has experienced some growing pains and i don't think their support has scaled at the same pace.

Klout, Online Communities, Social Listening and Response

Powerful, flexible platform will deliver results if it has a focused, strategic leader

This platform is very powerful with a capable team behind it. I would not recommend engaging professional services, rather seeking third-party or internal assistance with design and feature enhancements. The product teams are always interested to hear experiences and outcomes, and very generous in their willingness to help find workarounds or solutions for existing challenges. Generally very knowledgable employees. Very happy with our overall experience and the value we've been able to deliver back to the business.

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Highly recommended. Strong support / leadership team and powerful set of capabilities.

Our relationship with Lithium is very important for our business. They have helped us immensely in developing and maturing both our community & social media strategies. At all levels of the organization, they are a pleasure to do business with. They ensure that they listen to what their customers are feeding back and go out their way to ensure that customers are happy and have what they need. They put a lot of effort in engaging customers & partners in their product development lifecycle which ensures that the capabilities coming down the line are industry leading and readily available to clients when they need them. They are open, honest and transparent and always willing to help. Not every vendor goes out of their way to help like Lithium does. I would highly recommend them.

Klout, Online Communities, Social Listening and Response, Other...

Lithium's serious about Social Media Service

Everything has worked well and the focus from start to end has been innovation and to deleiver a market leading experience

Online Communities

Implementation was easy but roadmap needs to be updated

the i;plemtation has been a success from customer perspective and internal usage for forum management and lab R&D> it hs been idsappointing for managing content on the blog as it ws not SEO friendly