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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

Implementation was good

Conversion from Oracle was easy and staff likes the functionality

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

On-prem Preference

We really liked the on-prem option for personal data. Salesforce didn't offer this option.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

Dynamics delivered us a platform that enables us to manage our customer interations

Great support from partner and from Microsoft product group. we felt important all the time

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

Fast implementation of a CRM SaaS Solution in a highly regulated sector

Overall: it was a good implementation in the project time. Now we have some issues with the support organization. They are too slow in reaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

Good implementation, flexible product, choose your implementation partners wisely.

The experience was an overall good one. For the most part we have been able to deliver on much of the expectations. We did experience some issues at the start where we overestimated our 3rd party vendor's ability to integrate well between CRM and other applications. Also, they had experience with older versions which we thought, incorrectly, would translate seamlessly to this version. Hence the project moved much more slowly than we had anticipated, and we are finding that there are portions that need to be re-done. Having said that, we are finding that by using Dynamics CRM as a base platform driving customer engagement experiences, we have been able to work with multiple 3rd party vendors in building out solutions for various use cases. Key to the endeavour though is a sound, comprehensive initial design. We've also found that vendors who are focused on CRM as a development platform work best, as opposed to general purpose developers for whom this is one of many platforms with which they integrate and who are therefore not always able to fully leverage existing functionalities. We were also able to take advantage of other applications already written to address some of our use cases on this platform. This is one of the reasons that we went on-premises as we found that we had difficulty implementing some add-ons in the cloud (though our vendords had said it should be possible) without unacceptable limitations. The other driver for on premises was cost. All in all, a good implementation on which we seek to build.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement

Adoption was easier as the interfaces were very familiar to the end users

Integration with the overall Microsoft suite makes user adoption easier.