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Oracle Service Cloud

Amazing tool....Vision needed with expertise to connect all Oracle solutions

Current accunt team has been extremely helpful in strategy and roadmapping.

Oracle Service Cloud

Basic product works, but implementing new features difficult

The product is versatile and can do almost anything required. We have seen improvements across all KPIs since adopting Oracle Service Cloud. However, the product is also very complicated and we often run into technical walls while trying to implement new ideas or technologies. Getting proper support from Oracle when we run into these issues has been difficult, though they have been taking steps to improve on this front recently. Overall, we are satisfied with the basic product but frustrated with the difficulty of implementing additional features.

Oracle Service Cloud

Learning how all the features can be put to good use has been challenging

Relationships with our CSM's and sales consultants has worked well. I belive wee receive the right amount of attention. Oracle's understanding of how we use the product has been lacking but recently its improved.

Oracle Service Cloud

slick product, but intergatration to interal systems was cumberson at points

Encountered a few problems at the start of the project but Oracle worked with to smooth these out. it hasn't been easy but we had a great team at Oracle that supported us.

Oracle Service Cloud

Technology and UI is easy to learn but ensure process change is considered first

Oracle was excellent with providing product insight and demonstrations to all levels of staff whilst in review stage of procurement. Oracle answered all questions and ensured that our requirements could be met by the solution.

Oracle Service Cloud

Implementation was relatively easy,

Technology was easy to use and integration using out of the box adapters provided by Oracle. Access to Oracle experts helped us ramp up the implementation timeline.

Oracle Service Cloud

Rollout was smooth and it comes with lots of features

We are just starting to use this product. So far it provides all of the functionalities that we need. The rollout was very smooth.

Oracle Service Cloud

Product works well but vendor is difficult to work with.

Vendor technical support limited without PS contract. Costs are exorbitant. Product stable and well received by internal customers.

Oracle Service Cloud

Application works great, but support is lacking.

Overall it's been good. Oracle needs help with their support site and how they provide assistance.

Oracle Service Cloud, Other...

The Highs and Lows of Oracle Customer Service

The transition from RightNow to Oracle has been rocky, with a few issues with sales/service over the 2011-2013 time period. Over the past two years, Oracle has worked to restart old relationships, and to rebuild our loyalty to the brand. The addition of a CX Conference has also proven beneficial to our organization. Overall, we are in a good place with Oracle Service Cloud, which should help to sell other groups within our company on the product.