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Pega 7 Platform, Pega Customer Service

Vendor kept all pre-sales promises, stong tool.

One of the better vendors in recent experience, high-touch sales model that stays consistent throughout the implementation. Vendor services are expensive but helped us get started quickly.

Pega 7 Platform, Pega Customer Service

Pega has enabled us to achieve our business transformation objectives

The product has helped us realize our desired business transformation outcomes. Following the implementation of Pega, we now deliver better customer service at a lower cost. Customer Contact is now managed efficiently, and consistently. We are able to put the right information in front of the CSR, which enables them to give the customer the right information at the right time. We have also used the product to automate many tasks, reducing the internal cost of service delivery. We continue to invest in ongoing in-house development and configuration of the product to support new and changing business processes, whether to achieve further efficiencies through automation or improvements in customer service. The product gives us the flexibility and agility to respond to a changing business environment. We are certain we invested in the right product for our needs.

Pega Customer Service

Implementation was much more complex and involved than we understood when tool purchased

We wanted more "out of the box" options than was available to us. We needed to build virtually everything from scratch. The talent was very hard to find.

Pega Customer Service

Very "adoptable" technology but additional functionality to be provided

Project Management and functional analysis challenged in the beginning. Very pleased with how strong the partnership was and Pega's willingness to work with business nuances and stick to the implementation

Pega 7 Platform

This is the best decisioning technology out there, but you need to invest to make it work.

The technology works but is complex. It is hard to find people with the right experience on this platform at a reasonable cost.