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Service Cloud

Make sure in house expertise is sufficient for scope of project

Should have chosen 3rd party implementer. internal resources were not sufficient for complexity

Service Cloud

salesforce for buying group

internal client and support

Service Cloud

Implementation was smooth

Did not work much directly with SFDC, mostly with our implementation partner Appirio. I did however interact with our SF Customer Success Manager and he was a valuable resource to bounce ideas of off and gather best practices across the industry.

Service Cloud

Implementation was global but allowed minimal flexibity based on regional business needs

Strong partner who provided direction and was agile based on internal changes

Service Cloud

Very Nice Product with extensive features

Overall the vendor (Salesforce) was good and Supportive and provide input throughout the Implementation

Service Cloud

Robust standardized technology platform allows rapid scalability

Satisfied with platform functionality, performance, stability, and especially enterprise scalability. Licenses are expensive and UI needs to be more modern.


Great, purpose built customer support / ticketing system

Great, simple product which has fairly robust capabilities for it's price point. PROS: Clean, slick interface which was more fun to use than our legacy provider. Strong ability to configure the application; rules engine was able to handle a large number of different scenarios. Web Services/APIs are good for integrating with other internal systems. CONS: Some struggles with the querying and reporting engines. Occasionally had unplanned downtime, especially at the beginning of our relationship, which caused a number of client escalations due to inability to create cases.

Service Cloud

Great system for businesses of all kinds

So far the transition to the salesforce interface has been a smooth one. We are completely satisfied, rarely do we ever encouter issues.

Desk.com, Service Cloud

Implementation was a long process to be sure everything was set up correctly and workflow

Salesforce service cloud has a lot of flexibilty and although expensive, the service is excellent

Service Cloud

Salesforce is our go to solution and partner in the CRM space

Salesforce is one of the top vendors in this vertical. They are very professional and were available for support during the install.