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Service Cloud

Salesforce and ServiceNow

We are still relatively new to Salesforce, but our experience has been positive. I wish Salesforce would have an easy API for ServiceNow. The two products could really compliment each other.

Service Cloud

Salesforce is Customer Centric

SalesForce team is willing to work with the customer on solutions and finding a partner that will make you successful. Their customer service meets our companies needs. Integration with applications makes it sustainable.


Desk.com needs to decide if it's going to compete with Zendesk

I initially reviewed Zendesk and Desk.com, which was called Assistly at the time. Both products seemed equal at the time. However, it seems that over the past few years Desk.com has fallen behind Zendesk. There have been no significant product enhancements and Zendesk has built out its platform considerably. Currently, we are re-evaluating other vendors. I would say that Desk.com is a good out-of-the box solution for B2C or B2B where the business customers are not complex. Anything more than that I don't think it's a good option.

Service Cloud

Implementation was easily done, and completed quickly

Service Cloud implementation was smooth and easily trainable using the Trailhead Training modules provided by SalesForce.

Service Cloud

Integration was a challenge due to legacy systems, however, benefit was worth the work

The platform is flexible and adaptable to meet our needs. The third party vendor we selected for implementation was not a good fit for us in the end and resulted in implementation delays and rework.

Service Cloud

3rd party implementation vendors make the difference

Salesforce is relatively hands off - they dont really push their own professional services. They tend to push other consulting firms.

Service Cloud

SalesForce is helping us attain and retain customers

Very good thus far.

Service Cloud

Great service, good support.

No issues with SalesForce itself, after sales support has been good, website points to a lot of helpful information. Good service vendor community to choose from. User groups also helpful for ideas.

Desk.com, Service Cloud

Could do better

Invoicing is a mess. License provisioning is suboptimal.

Service Cloud

Make sure in house expertise is sufficient for scope of project

Should have chosen 3rd party implementer. internal resources were not sufficient for complexity