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Implementing SAP ECC


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A logical incremental upgrade for Financials on SAP ERP

Financials are ECC6 EHP 6 are well seasoned and reliable. There aren't any significant changes in business functionality to contend with. It is a logical incremental upgrade. We run on Classic GL but have the option of moving to New GL. The upgrade process was devoid of any major snafus or unexpected issues.


Implementation was easy but more functionality needs to be developed.

The successful implementation of the first phase of the project was a verified success. SAP became the master source for all our financials in under eight months. Our previous ERP system now feeds data into SAP until those business areas are moved to the new ERP.


Long journey

As with most SAP implementations it was a painful journey

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SAP Digital CRM Review

SAP Digital CRM is a very robust client relationship management system, and the various modules we have implemented help us better manage our client relationships, as well as identify new leads and see them through the sales cycle. Although on a PC the software works great, we have some complaints from our Sales team who uses the mobile version and comment that it could be more user-friendly. I have also had some issues with the Outlook plugin and I think these things should be addressed.


SAP ECC - Yes, It's as challenging as you heard!

The vendor was good to work with. The breadth of such an implementation makes it challenging to keep the project moving. Having a good partner and a good program lead is critical.


Implementation is complex but it's not impossible.

SAP works well with us. The overall experience is very god, especially considering the complexity of the software and our envieronment and needs.


SAP ECC Implementation

We have been pleased with the implementation


Implementation had challenges but the team and vendor collaborated well.

Had some communication issues initially, but did iron out.

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SAP ECC watch the data

Support is very slow. Difficulties with licensing and customer setup The underlying proceeses are good and MRP and ERP while hard to configure work well The underlying technology is antiquated Data conversion is the key and a huge task