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Implementation went well, working with a responsive team, but could be more proactive

Overall, the vendor was easy to work with. We think they could provide more upfront support in how to design workflows (possible templates), had a more systematic implementation plan that including system testing. We had many discussion with the sales representative so he was very aware of our needs but that was lost when the implementation team took over.

Customer Engagement Hub

Love the platform - super user friendly!

The product itself is very user friendly with a very low learning curve. I am pleased with the level of support and training we have received and I look forward to continued use of the software.

Business Process Platform, Customer Engagement Hub

Creative, Agile and Extreme Willingness to help us...

SPICE CSM was great to work with. While we chose to implement their product in a unique way (Customer Self help), their agent facing solution with all of the time saving integrations for the agent desktop should be considered by any contact center wanting consistency from contact to contact.

Business Process Platform, Customer Engagement Hub

Spice, Worth Watching to See How It Develops

They are very good to work with. They have the start of a phenomenal product but it needs more development and investment to compete for head to head with companies like SalesForce. And their revenue model is way more tolerable than the big guys who nickel and dime you for everything (user fees, data fees, app fees, etc).