3.6 out of 5 (5 Ratings)

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Very flexible and relatively inexpensive CRM solution; still will require a lot of config

SugarCRM provides an open-box architecture to build a tailored solution to your business/business process. This allows it to be very flexible but requires a lot of configuration and customization to meet your needs. So far, we have found that the config/customization is not overly time-consuming or expensive.


Admirable product, but proved weaker than other options

Struggle to support and get solutions


good product difficulty to get the right support in development

good competencies but difficulty to engage properly due to lack of flexibility


Implementation was smooth and user adoption was good

The software has worked as advertised. We implemented several enhancements and these were implemented without problems. The ease of use helped overall adoption by our users. We are still new to the system, and now that our global roll out is complete, we will start to investigate some of the features such as workflows that we are not currently using.