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Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Adobe is great but!

Adobe has been very procative to start with. Unfortunately we had a representative change and after that it was a bit downhill. Still the product was what we needed but the promised user management web site was very late and did not match our expectations. Yet it doesn't offer proper license management capabilities

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

The absolute best in photo correction and manipulation but no perpetual-license option

The absolute best in photo correction and manipulation. Slick interface. Fast. Loads of tools for mobile and Web design. Content-aware editing. Video editing. 3D design capability. Synced Libraries. Integrated stock library. Complimentary mobile apps. No perpetual license option. Subscription assets aren't cheap. The interface can be overwhelming at times.Adobe continues to improve the world's leading photo editing software; the 2017 edition adds universal search, templates, and new companion apps for designers.

Adobe Campaign

Feature-rich solutions, successful implementation process.

Adobe brings impressive technology as well as user experience focus within their products. Global licensing & costs can be challenging for enterprise organizations.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Adobe delivers good products

the process was fast and easy.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

The new photoshop

Design for events / marketing campaigns

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Products are amazing, but steep learning curve

There is an extreme learning curve to any program in the Creative Cloud. Photoshop is the most well-known, although even that program has many functions that a new user would not be accustomed to. The vendor should provide walkthrough tutorial of how to use the product for end users. Adobe does have a website, but a built-in overlay that nagivates the user throughout the program would be much better.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Adobe Creative Cloud - License Management and Deployment Simplified

Our team of Prepress Artists and Typesetters needed several parts of the Adobe Suite and over the years we ammassed a huge collection of programs and versions. This platform puts the whole group on the same version and so long as we continue the subscription we are able to stay on the most current versions.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

High demand product without administration in mind

Have a migration plan and consider the entire process from purchase to reassignment. Moving clients from personal to enterprise plan isnt easy or intuitive. Security concerns for IP being stored on a personal cloud drive isnt easily addressed. Administrator emails dont give critical pieces of information to identify who is trying to join.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Great user experience as always, and fits our needs, packaging process could use some work

Aside from the not-ideal process of compiling packages, we have occasionally run into issues with activated products losing serialization. This is easily fixed but could be a pain large-scale. There are also compatibility issues with Office 2016 add-ins, although I understand Adobe has corrected this in DC. Adobe no longer publishes/supports some older programs that are still in heavy use in our environment, such as Contribute, and compatibility between that and CC can be iffy although we were eventually able to work around this.

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

Implementation was super easy

it would be great to have additional suggestions/tutorials