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Easy implementation, great interface, but can slow you down for more technical tasks.

Hubspot worked well for us in our B2C customer efforts. We really liked the ease of contact management within the system, as well as the user-friendly interface, and the fantastic documentation and support from Hubspot.


Easy, Complete and Ready for Business

The SaaS tools are superb - an all in one solution that does most things well. As for the company, I think customer service needs refinement.


Good marketing automation product, sales team likes CRM

Advanced functionality for lead scoring is not available. Workarounds for reporting and marketing investment analysis are sometimes required.


Great implementation specialists with a surefire roadmap for launch.

This is a great vendor to work with to introduce marketing automation to your organization. Out of the box, they work with you on a launch plan, training and provide extensive checklists to make sure all bases are covered. Very impressed with their knowledge and expertise and appreciate the fact that they are highly engaged in making sure the organization is successful.


Easy and quick to start using but some advanced functionalities are limited

No technical challneges, however some functionalities limited. Easy to use and learn.


HubSpot CRM is easy to use out of the box

HubSpot CRM was easy to setup and configure on my own with the provided instructions.


Great product, easy to implement, good for growth.

HubSpot has always provided service that goes above and beyond the level of most competitors. The landscape for marketing automation technology is very crowded and HubSpot has a unique way of staying at the forefront of the consumers mind with its content, technology, and support.


Easiest implementation of 3 CRMs I've lit up. Most common functionality is provided for.

Easy to start up. Data import was accomplished without expert requirements. Many enhancements in the months after adopting.

HubSpot, Other...

User experience was simple, functionality can present challenges

Working in Hubspot with account focus is a challenge as there are so many users. The system is, however, easy to navigate and use.


Kind of clunky and had to know what you wanted to get

Did not really deliver the data we needed to run our sales effort.