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Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Marketo performs well as our source of record for lead loading, scoring and distribution

Would like to have more visibility into and control over the data. But their interfaces perform as specified.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

A solid choice if your looking for an easy to use MAP with lots of functionality

Good support, lot's of innovation, great community.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Solid product and great end-user community, but customer support is lacking

What works: -Amazing end user community -Basic functionality is good -Reporting aspects are good What doesn't work: -Customer support is lackluster. Often times their responses aren't helpful and customer support is constantly changing representatives -Some aspects of Marketo aren't intuitive and require deep dive training to understand

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Marketo: A Marketer's Best Friend

Marketo is a great tool for marketers who not only want to automate the demand generation process, but improve attribution and revenue decisions. It provides both functionality and scalability with a keen eye on future innovations within the marketing tech landscape. Customer Service is exceptional and implementation was a breeze. The enterprise tool is quite advanced and requires some solid background and knowledge of marketing tech integration on the part of the implementation lead. However, Marketo provides ample resources to ensure successful implementation efforts for any size of business.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Implementation was difficult

OK, would recommend relying on a third party consulatnt

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Marketo is great for a team of doers!

lack of confidence that new products are fully ready - we now tend to wait 6-12 mos. before adding on any new products

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Allowed me to spend more time creating additional campaigns

I really love Marketo because it allows me to build really details camapigns and schedule them to run months in advance. Although I have had to put in several support tickets their team is quick to respond and I can also look to the community for additonal assistance.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Marketo Meets Our High Growth Needs

Marketo has met our growth needs by provide a platform in which we can automate and track all our digital marketing programs, email campaigns, and most importantly properly route leads into our CRM system without losing the chain of custody from the source in which the lead is created.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Marketo isn't as intuitive as we think it could be and TCO needs careful analysis

The application is not as intuitive or easy to use without signficant training of our marketing staff. The integration to Salesforce (for creating leads in SDFC) is not as straightforward as promoted. It's also fairly expensive and I don't know we get the value out of it.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Mo' Marketo

Been using it for a relatively short time, but I have loved using Marketo. I came from using Act-On and Marketo seems to be just as easy, but with a lot more flexibility in terms of lists. Sending alerts to reps was a big deal too because we didn't have that capacity during my time with Act-On