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complex roll out and connection with CRMonDemand

As usual the experience is good until you work with the vendor, than it'less good working with the service provider


Implemetation - Go with a STRONG 3rd party vendor

Relatively easy procurement process. Reviewed various implementation partners and ultimately selected the one recommended by Oracle.


Product is good, but not what we were looking for

We had a bad account manager and the sales reps promised us a product that was not built for what we were trying to use it for.


OTM implementation across LATAM

Accenture is one of our main 3rd partieds players. We engage a great team to deliver the market requests

Oracle Content Marketing

Professional product which enables recruiters to manage candidates with efficiency.

System has worked well through the design however could have been better with stronger system emphasis on managing a global requirement. The system has been well received and ease of use is making a differance with recruiters and appliants. The process being end to end electronic is going to bring alot of benefits with paperless working. The change this will bring to the firm will enable us to be able to react bette to changing applicant needs to attract the best in market to our firm as it will demonstrate a professional candidate experience


Easy out of the box no frills DMP

The majority of the features are clear and reliable and work quickly. Set up and training was very simple. More complex requirements were not gracefully taken on.


Powerful tool for static businesses, difficult to customize to unique industries and sales

Very difficult to build any kind of customization based on industry and sales cycle length. Works very well for B2B processes with long lead times but does not adapt well to shorter B2C cycles that are primarily digital in nature.



Positive experience. Tool is robust and it will take us time to fully grow into it.


Effective Lead Campaigning using Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua is proven in lead and campaign management and seamless


A powerful platform that scales to your business' needs

Eloqua is a powerful platform guaranteed to meet the marketing automation needs of any scale of enteprise. Having said that, I personally believe mid-size organizations offering a single product/service are best suited to get value out of this platform. After a certain size of company and portfolio, some of the funcionality -- such as lead scoring, preference centers -- gets too unwieldy. Althought this is probably true of all marketing automation systems, not a criticism for Eloqua per se.