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A basic product that lacks the depth of functionality you have into SalesForce

My experience was poor. Strong security limitations (not possible to have a country-based data profiling). Basic integration with SF. Extremely poor reporting. Lack of basic functions (i.e. you need to manually add a code to the email to have them identified in Google analytics, while even basic email blasting solution offer this automated option). Several limits also on the possibility to implement sophisticated drip programs.


Salesforce-Pardot Sync

Worked pretty well during implementation. But require training on a user level.

Marketing Cloud


Salesforce is inflexible and difficult to work with. They are not serving as great advisors, but as salesmen.


Pardot is a tough marketing automation tool to learn and use.

Pardot is a tough marketing automation tool to learn and use.


With Salesforce, there is always an option

Salesforce is an outstanding solution which maximises alternatives to meet business needs.


Great features and shined a light on need for cleaner CRM data

Connectivity ability could be improved. We love the Pardot landing pages and forms and the analytics that come with those features. The implementation took longer than we hoped due to a lack of clean data in Salesforce on our end.


Marketing optimization

Good on the Pardot side, horrible on the SFDC side.


implementation was easy but could have been better

Its excellent so far.


Easy implementation

Easy to work with and directly integrates with CRM. Small implementation project. Sales likes the tool, though they say that there are others that provide better data.


Easy to use, great to have 250 contacts per month, great sourcing tool

Nice to download 250 contacts per month, great place to reach a different audience for our recruiting positions