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Scalable, Quality Product with a Great Service Team

I've really appreciated the product support and implementation team. Everyone I have met from Pardot has been intelligent and professional. The product itself is fairly intuitive and user-friendly. Like any system, there are little things that don't seem to work intuitively the way we would like - but they are very receptive to new product suggestions and tend to work little enhancements into their releases. In addition, we currently use other systems to manage surveys (Qualtrics) events (Lanyon) and social media (Hootsuite). It would be great if Pardot had a way for us to manage these functions inside the system or added connectors to streamline integrations.


Great Tool, Poor Support

The software itself works excellent, however, the support is not quite up to par

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Salesforce is now a mature product and customizable

Exerience working with the software and 3rd party vendors were good. There is a decent amount of companies that are on the software.


Implementation was easy, need to address future needs now

Our original integration of this system has increased our efficiency. More tweaking is required as we originally set parameters for this system to be intergrated with fuctional areas from 2010.


Good tool with way more features than we need.

It does more than we need.

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Great product - Fair at best customer care

Not much in the way of contact only to make sure the payment showed up on time. They basically ignore the customer unless the customer calls or emails in. There are the usual email announcements of webinar training, but that's about it for customer interaction.

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Good architecture, not so good support.

Support is not ideal. You have to climb up through many levels of support until you get to someone who knows the platform and can help you. First level of support is just someone who appears to be reading off a screen.


Ease of Use

Product has really changed the dynamic of the sales organization. Simple to use and gives users a customizable experience

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Great speed to deploy without alleviating cost concerns

The application development experience progressed as expected.

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Solid solution with more room to grow.

Salesforce is an excellent technology and has much to offer. However, we were oversold - a case of "overpromise and underdeliver" when it comes to actual use. The sales team promised more than they were able to actually deliver. There was confusion and errors in the process. Much was good, but some was not quite there. For example. Journeybuilder functionality was not able to perform as expected.