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Implementation was easy due to the well explained user guide and customer service

Vendor was very helpful and software experience was professional and easy to understand. Appreciated the user guide to help set up the program.


Great tool to get basics implemented. Challenging to use advanced features.

Pardot integrates easily into Salesforce.com and allows flexibility other integrations don't. Hard to leverage all aspects of the tool without ongoing outside consulting and training.


Data.com is not a perfect solution but one of the best available on the market now

Data.com provides a lot of contact information, incl. title, phone number and email addresses. There are challenges to find contact information for smaller and mid-size private companies. Also, some of contacts' data is outdated and not current. The same applies for company revenue data, which is sometimes hard to find, especially for privately-owned companies.


Integration with Salesforce CRM makes it a great choice.

There was too much emphasis on Pardot team making the sale rather than a focus on how effectively it could help our firm

Marketing Cloud

We will be implementing on April 1st, 2017 and are currently using an older version

Very responsive to customer needs and expectations


Great responsiveness and customer service!

Overall experience was great with both client and vendor, always responsive when needed for questions/concerns.


Easy to Implement

Thorough information


Functionality had great potential, but a technical glitch forced us to walk away

Overall, we liked Pardot's functionality. The process of creating campaigns and building nurturing flows was fairly intuitive once everything was set up properly. We liked the fact that Pardot is a Salesforce company (Salesforce is our CRM) and that Pardot and Salesforce would likely become more integrated over time. On the negative side, getting up and running was a bit challenging. Dealing with their 3rd-party service provider (Cheshire) in really fast-paced, tightly structured half-hour sessions over the phone was not a comfortable way to learn about set up requirements. And the biggest frustration, which ultimately led us to cancel after our first year, was that we had a configuration issue that prevented us from being able to use all of Pardot's features. (In a nutshell, we were using a deduplication add-on in Salesforce call RingLead which Pardot was not compatible with.) While I suspect our problem was fairly unique to us, it was still very frustrating to put in a ton of work to get up to speed only to realize that we were doomed. It would have been helpful if someone, either at Pardot or Cheshire, had alerted us to this potential incompatibility early on (it was a known issue mentioned on their support site). Despite this issue, I was impressed by the functionality of Pardot.


If you're looking for the whole package

Great product with excellent customer service and support. Highly innovative, and would definitely recommend


Good Product but be prepared for several integration workarounds

Basic integration was seamless, but more sophisticated and automated tasks are limited by clunky API. No problem in parsing large customer lists, but the job of automating certain parts of our workflow to simplify processes is a long and combersome process. That said, it can be bent to your will and is very reliable.