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Make them prove everything they promise you before you buy

TargetX has too many Admissions people and not enough Tech people. They sell products and capabilities that they aren't even using yet. They sold us their Admission Application version 3.0, but implemented version 2.0 and never told us until almost the end of the project. Their query and automation developers are amateurs. They started so many processes with a select all statement. Just all around, a dismal performance from the TargetX Project Management, Sales, and Technical Resources. .


Vendor misrepresented version available during RFP, implementation painful.

The product was misrepresented in the RFP response in that they demoed version 3 but 2 months into implementation they informed us that v 3 was not ready to deploy. Since our prior partner for CRM functionality had already been released, we had to move forward regardless. The skill of the TargetX implementation team was weak and did not seem to be experienced with basic project management skills. After the system went live (3 months late) it has proven to be worthwhile and we look forward to version 3.