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Zoho CRM

Value for money

Works reasonably well. I sometimes get confused between the leads and the accounts.

Zoho CRM

Implementation was not as easy as Zoho boasts

Zoho speaks about 24/7 service yet they never have an answer for any bugs in the system. Their technical support is India based and never has an answer then and there. It is very complicated to get any support.

Zoho CRM

Easy and useful for small enterprises

We enjoy it. Zoho is easily customizable and really fits our needs as a small enterprise.

Zoho CRM

Easy and affordable.

We utilized Zoho CRM Standard product online for several years. It was a great introduction to the benefits of a SaaS solution and helped us organize our customer contacts and track our sales funnel.

Zoho CRM

Found it very useful. Also, economical for a small business to manage the sales pipeline.

Works for us really well.

Zoho CRM

Easy to install. Quick time to value. Need training plan.

It was simple to implement and configure. End user intuitiveness could be better.