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What are CSP Customer Management and Experience Solutions ?

Gartner defines customer management and experience solutions as part of business support systems (BSS) solutions for CSPs, and as commercial off-the-shelf software solutions that address CSPs’ all customer-facing operational requirements. This includes managing customer channels, customer information, incidents, products, pricing, quotes and offers, order and partner management. CM&X solutions are typically part of the BSS solutions and often work together with revenue management and monetization solutions as part of a complete BSS stack

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"Complete Package for providing best shopping experience"

We had been looking for an ecommerce solution for our client who needed personalised browsing/ shopping experience for every customer they cater without compromising on reliability and speed and it should be easy to use. Their every customer had different behaviors and they wanted the recommender system to be personalised for each one of them like how the big online stores do. we started exploring SAP commerce cloud and to our surprise, it was able to serve / meet all our expectations we had. With this service, we were able to manage different products and product lines in just one dashboard and the best part of this platform is to bulk update multiple products in one go, like if you have a special sales day running. The user browsing experience has always been smooth no matter what end device the customer is using. Definitely a recommended solution for anyone who wants to serve the best shopping experience to their customers.

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"Salesforce is a great move for your organization and you won't regret it."

Salesforce provides a very in depth and customizable dashboard for a sellers' CRM experience. This makes it very simple and effective to go through contacts, add contacts, keep notes on contacts, etc. Salesforce is very user friendly and I would highly recommend it.

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"A product to enhance personalized customer experience and to enhance OSS BSS flexibility "

The product provides personalized customer experience and it reduces total cost of ownership

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"Great product and is very useful for your external customers."

It was really a positive experience as the install team was very helpful with getting us going and with getting all the pieces put in place for our teams to use.

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"Cerillion Skyline makes life easy with automation!"

Make product management easy with automation of so many processes with Cerillion Skyline

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"Provides comprehensive services in telecom"

This is an amazing tool which helps in enabling CSPs to monetize network capabilities, facilitating eco systems, IOT platforms, communications and connectivity.

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"Fantastic services that turn complex problems into simple comprehensive solutions "

Being able to map out a customer journey, manage every touchpoint report and evaluate on every step was priceless in the data driven world of marketing. Their communication offers were endless and very flexible making an complicated problem a simple solution.

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"Great client relation and sales management tool"

This is a great platform, considering the fact that SAP has been in the game for a long time and have developed state of art products and solutions.

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"Get ready for Loyalty"

Would have rated it a 5 but it's too a new product. As with everything new to the market, there are always a few hic-cups but SFDC has handled them well. Great loyalty program give it time and will dominate the space.

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"High Scalability"

Scalability, Ease of deployment method and performance of the product

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"Easy online Presence "

Ease of use was a big thing to start with, as we were using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud it just made sense to implement Commerce Cloud. We didn't use the Box product as we already have a small site set up. The best part is now we also have Slack integration and collaboration and puts your customer front and centre.

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"Simplified omni channel customer expericne"

Designed for customer care and order lifecycle management in teleco specific cloud environment.It provides personalized and digital experience .

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