Dell EMC (formerly EMC)

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EMC Document Sciences xPression

Customer Forum missing but steps being taken to address that

There has been some problems with initial versions but things are changing for good and more stable release are coming up lately. xEditor functionality has improved a lot and Customer Service is also great since EMC acquisition. Hope to see more improvements with OpenText merger.

EMC Document Sciences xPression

Installation is simple, but unadvertised version differences require extensive testing.

The product functions well once it is properly configured. Technical support is lacking in knowledge and response times. the roadmap for the product is unclear and there has not been much significant enhancements in the last versions.

EMC Document Sciences xPression

Implementation was easy, but resolution of issues was a little slow.

Initial upgrade went smoothly, but some known bugs were not sufficiently disclosed and fixes were a little slow in coming. The overal functionality of xPression 4.5 as compare to xPression 4.1 is that 4.5 is faster and has fewer issues than the previous version that we upgraded from.