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Design Pro, Opus

Elixir has a great deal to offer, but we only needed what we got

I've answered all questions with past experience values. Since we upgraded to ver 7, our key players there have left. Time will tell if we can get our new contact folks up-to-speed with us or not.

Design Pro

Great product and great support team

Customer service and Product performance are excellent...!!! I have been using Design Pro product for last 8 years and it was highly satisfying experience with the product and their support team. License renewal process is so easy and they always give importance to customers point of view and go with that. There are occasions, they extended service based on our association with them. Great job team..!!!



It has been positive


Easy tool to learn and use

Excellent experience with version 6.5. There have been more challenges getting version 7 up and running. Only real issues have been with color printing.

Design Pro

Complete software package to create document design and implementation is easy.

Elixir provided a good sound software package to meet our changing document developing needs. Have used Design Pro Tools for several years and find it to be the most stable software on the market.

Design Pro

Inferior to other products

DesignPro is inferior to other Desktop publishing applications such as InDesign. Cumbersome to use, limited functionality. We are slowly moving away from it. We almost exlusively use the Adobe Creative Suite to create files. We only use DesignPro to convert files to Xerox format when dictated by our older composition engine.


Implementation was not easy

At this moment, it's good, but the last year, it's very difficulty.


Opus fits our needs.

We are pleased with the functionality of Opus. The speed with which it PDF's statements is limiting but we are addressing that limitation with a 3rd party product.


Easy to use and update but need the ability to update everything internally.

The overall experience was very enlightening. The best thing is having the ability to update our documents on my end without needing any outside assistance which i feel this program has.