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GMC Inspire

GMC support is not pro-active, the InspriceDesigner version 9,10 incompatible 8.4....

We are trying to update the IA sever from 8.4 to higher version, but found that the new version GMC format is not compatible with 8.4. It seems GMC sales/support didn't provide a solution to us to solve the in-compatible issue. now, we still stuck on version 8.4, but we found several bugs in InspireDesigner, but GMC support asking this is solve in the verison higher than 8.4.

GMC Inspire

Implementation with Linux is painful

Implementation issues

GMC Inspire

GMC not really ready for non-windows and bigger implementations

Somehow as a company GMC is not ready for big clients. they are comfortable with small windows based deployments


GMC Inspire

New technology, faster to market.

Overall experience was dealing with unknowns due to new technology replacing the legacy application.

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