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PlanetPress / PReS (Connect)

Over promised and under delivered for large corp.

Though the product was able to produce output as promised, however, it is inifecient at large scale.

PlanetPress / PReS (Connect)

System helped us directly to reduce operational time creating the output documents

We started with the Beta release and gradually moved to the higher versions. The vendor supported us very well in this journey.

PlanetPress / PReS (Connect)

OL Connect keeps its promise

OL Connect software works well not only for SMBs but also for larger companies. Especially with PReS connect, which is very suitable for high volume, high speed and data formats of these. It is a state of the art regarding multichannel, print but moreover email and webfunctions are perfect, using underlying software that guarantees all document types in output can be viewed on any device (which is not the case with GMC, where documents cant be viewed on mobile devices! ). Service and support team is professional and available 24/7. UI and usage of software is simple to learn. True HTML facilitates working.