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Reviews for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

What is enterprise data server recovery and backup software?

Gartner defines the data center backup and recovery software market as being focused on providing backup capabilities for the upper-end midmarket and large-enterprise environments. Gartner defines the upper-end midmarket as being 500 to 999 employees, and the large enterprise as being 1,000 employees or greater. Protected data comprises data center workloads, such as file share, file system, operating system, database, email, content management, CRM, ERP and collaboration application (such as content management solutions) data. Backup and recovery software products provide features such as traditional backup to tape, backup to conventional random-access media (such as a hard disk or solid-state drives) or devices that emulate the previous backup targets (such as virtual tape library [VTL]), data reduction (such as compression, deduplication or single instancing), array and/or server-based snapshot, heterogeneous replication, and continuous data protection (CDP).

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