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EMC Avamar

Extremely Reliable

Dell (EMC) provided a excellent backup and recovery product.

Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, EMC Avamar

Can backup everyting better, except...

I am very pleased with my experience with the EMC Avamar product thus far. I especially like the options for backing up specific software and operating systems (i.e. Windows, Linux, SQL, ORACLE, Exchange, Hyper-V, vmware, etc...). Scheduling backups and performing restores can be done with ease. The deduplication rates are wonderful and the overall backup speed is a plus. NOTE: Our Avamar is implemented with EMC Data Domain which provides the great dedup and backup speeds with DDBoost. The VMWare integration works seamless however, the integration with Microsoft Hyper-V not so much. We have had issue backing up our Hyper-V VMs using the Avamar Hyper-VSS plugin. Constant backup failures, writer issues, and backups taking extremely long to complete it large cluster enviroments.

EMC NetWorker

Dell/EMC Networker is a great tool for backup/restore in the Enterprise!

We currently have an older 8.x version of Networker and are in the middle of upgrading everything to 9.x after evaluating a few other backup solutions/vendors. Dell/EMC Networker came out ahead of all the other competitors.

EMC Avamar

Performs consistent backups

Endpoint backup does what we need it to do.

EMC Avamar

Reliabe and Efficient solution for physical and NDMP backup loads.

Avamar is an excellent solution for our physical and/or file level backups, as well as NDMP. It did, however, faulter significantly when doing large scale Hyper-V backups. So much so that we had to purchase another backup solution for our virtual environment.

EMC Avamar


Service is really great and customer centric.

EMC Avamar

Implementation was easy and day-to-day not very complex

Very happy with both the technical and non-technical resources

EMC Avamar

Foundational core for our DR planning

The Dell/EMC team has provided strong support. They are available as needed. Extremely knowledgeable about every concern we have addressed. Plenty of best practice advice.

EMC Avamar

A great, dependable product

Excellent product, implementation was straight forward without many issues. Overall a very reliable service.

EMC Avamar

Would be good for a simple environment, not so good for complex ones.

Costs were high, in retrospect this isn't a good solution if you have to span domains and make multiple hops from one site to another.