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Actifio Sky, Copy Data Virtualization

Excellent product requiring attention to detail and careful planning

Actifio has been a valued business partner to our organization, providing us with a solution that is stable and efficient. The technical and account representatives have been easy to work with and have followed through on requests. Issues experienced during and after implementation have been addressed quickly and to our satisfaction. Overall, the solution is one that has brought value to our organization and has also allowed us to achieve, at times, a metric that is extremely difficult under the best of circumstances, a 100% backup success rate. This, coupled with the ability to utilize the solution for Dev/Ops capabilities in the future provide great benefits to our firm's information technology area as well as the business. There have been some minor issues to overcome which include networking requirements definition (needing an iSCSI connection for the CDS system to connect to our Storage Area Network for backup storage), complexity in setting up MS SQL database backups for clustered databases and an issue with the calculation of Master Data License usage. As noted earlier, the support area at Actifio has been helpful and professional and makes efforts to ensure that we can make progress towards resolving any issues we experience.

Copy Data Virtualization

Lessons Learned

Since the product works well for snapshots and dedupe disk backups We are a positive customer. However, our experience with difficulties and finding trained personnel to run the software effectively has proven tasking.

Copy Data Virtualization

Actifio - Copy Data Management/Virtualization

Excellent technical staff. Fast and efficient implementation. Well coded product.

Copy Data Virtualization

Significantly reduced the number of tools in use.

Solution is very effective but not without its implementaiton and support challenges

Copy Data Virtualization

Implementation was easy, but needs utilization measure tools

We have completed the implementation and user training for Actifio. However, from business side of the house, it has been rather difficult to determine (forecast) the cost of using Actifio for each customer account that is hosted and therefore their data backed up.

Copy Data Virtualization

Valuable in the virtualized server environment, but needs to mature in other areas.

Deployed Actifio when it was a startup by way of a managed backup service with a large global vendor who used Actifio's product as their cloud backup technology. There were significant hurdles early on. Product did not perform as stated, or the claims of it's capabilities left out many caveats and limitations. We felt as though we were the first customer doing many of the things we did, because the functions did not work when using them in a very typical deployment. Over time it has gotten better, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Some of the capabilities claimed by Actifio are only marginally useful.

Copy Data Virtualization

Smooth implementation & excellent functionality.

Actifio is administration friendly, easy to manage, and the performance is top notch.

Copy Data Virtualization

Product is delivering as advertised.

Positive experience.