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Crashplan Pro solves the problem of regularly backing up data

I have been using CrashPlan Pro for years personally and have been very happy with it.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Protect your Data with a company that backs their product.

Overall the experience with Code 42 has been one of the best ones with a vendor I've had. The ease of implementation of the product was simple with the support of our code 42 engineer. The continued support has been consistent and responsive.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Crashplan always has your back

Crashplan has been wonderful for keeping our services running with no fear of system failure or ransomware attack.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Impressive Endpoint Backup

Code42 believes in customer support. If I need to call about our control interface, or, a new customer has questions I can get answers quickly. When we have had problems in the past, with the configuration of: Cloud infrastructure - metadata refresh problems -Solved Quickly with just one team member Performance - we had issues with WAN and LAN performance onsite. After talking to code42, ISP, looking at the firewall environment we were able to adjust the throttle to make successful backups happen in very small time frames Security and Encryption - Has never been a worry for the team. 448-bit encryption is an excellent selling point Data Governance - ITPro has successfully retrieved Terabytes of data for at least 20 customers with no problems. ITPro uses both restores from the client, web based, and on several occasions had clients retrieve important documents on their mobile device. Audit Trails Customers love having multiple copies of files! From engineers to lawyers, clients are always revising documents.ITPro has shown these companies that they can seamlessly leverage multiple backups of a file without having to save. Data Loss Prevention By leveraging a windows backup (or another method) and then offsite backup of endpoint data we have a complete solution that has yet to fail Proactive Compliance Medical clients require HIPAA compliance for all data storage containers. Knowing that the solution falls within compliance before approaching medical staff with an endpoint solution is vital. Code42 meets or exceeds the necessary qualifications for endpoint cloud backup. After over 200 successful deployments, including several multi-state satellite office installs, the product has proven to be a winner.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Easy Implementation, Reliable and Stable

CrashPlan provided us with an excellent and stable service to bridge coverage during a transition in Backup & Disaster Recovery strategies.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Solid product with good tech support

Overall, CrashPlan has been a solid product with few hiccups. We have a hybrid solution consisting of an onsite appliance and cloud storage. The appliance is remotely monitored by Code42, and on the one occasion we had a hardware issue (failing HDD), they were aware of it before we were. Minor issues over the years have included a change in licensing model which doesn't really fit with our use case, and some difficulty with large (>5TB) archives, but tech support is responsive and easy to work with and our 5 years using CrashPlan have been largely without incident.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Excellent Cloud Backup Solution

Trial, setup, and implementation were pretty straight forward. A small on-premise server was required, but all data is getting sent to the cloud. The implementation team was willing to work with us and our deployment solution vendor to get the product rolled out.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Up and Running with Code42 CrashPlan

The Code42 CrashPlan ProServices team helped us implement the product in our environment with ease and simplicity. We've thoroughly enjoyed working them since we have had the product.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

A mature, easy to implement set it and forget it cloud-based backup solution

Had great experience with CrashPlan as a home user, and encouraged our IT to look into using it to provide a much more agile backup & recovery solution for our company. Evaluation was fairly straightforward, and the implementation was as easy as it was for me to originally deploy it at home.

CrashPlan for Enterprise

Easy to use. Manage your risk.

Code42's Crashplan is a great end-user backup tool. It is easy to install and maintain. The pricing is more than reasonable and the maintenance of the account is minimal. The key thing about any backup tool, of course, is the ability to restore, and restoring is straightforward as well. If you don't have a way to backup your PCs or Macs, you are rolling the dice every day.