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Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite (BDRS)

Easy implementation

Overall, it went smooth without any issues.


Better send this one back to the technical writers.

After initial setup, the device works with very little oversight\maintenance. So far we are pleased with the results and functionality. Cost is still on the higher side of competitors.

AppAssure, NetVault, Other...

Easy to Manage, Solid Backup solution

Solid experience, good explanations of the limitations of the platform.


Tricky implementation, but great offsite backup solution

We deployed the product to 8 of our sites. Each site paired one other site for cross-site backups. We achieved automated off-site backups without the expense of cloud solutions. Our experience has been generally positive for the product. Implementation setup (by our MSP) was apparently complex, taking several tries to find optimum settings. There are som ongoing issues that periodically prevent backup servers from contacting the Appassure license server, but these are currently being addressed by Dell/Quest.

DR series backup appliances

Data compression better than expected, good replication strategy planning required

Provided better than advertized data compression. Fairly simple interfaces, low learning curve for our Engineering staff.

Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite (BDRS)

Enough tools for now but wish to include more for clouds.

This vendor is customer focused with experty, reliable on critical support.

DR series backup appliances, NetVault, vRanger

Implementation was fairly easy but needed several calls to support to get issues resolved.

DR4100 Backup array performed well with very low management overhead. NetVault took the time to get going and required several support calls due to the multiple source systems. vRanger is simple to configure and requires very little management.

DL series backup appliances

Solid performance.

Great call backs.