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Easy to implement and roll-out throughout the entire enterprise.

Support from the vendor on Druva works well and the vendor is very responsive.

Druva Phoenix

The only option for cloud backups.

Druva's sales teams are top-notch and really helped make the exercise of replacing legacy backup solutions possible.


Excellent backup/sync product, easy to implement and manage.

Very easy to implement, great company to deal with and a wonderful product.


Druva empowers end users and lowers admin overhead.

Druva is easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to train your users on, and lowers end user reliance on IT help for file and restore related issues. It also adds benefits administratively when migrating a user to a new computer, or when a user needs to access files from their PC while on the go via their mobile device.


Best backup support software.

Best support I am getting from the vendor as well as the software also works up to the mark.


Druva Backup - Easy to Install and Manage.

Druva is great in terms of product features as well as support. At one time unknowingly one of our colleagues deleted the whole Druva Storage folder and suddenly all our users’ data was gone. It’s a fearsome scenario since data is critical, when we contacted support, they immediately responded and since the product has the feature of restore from server, and they did all the analysis and ran the script, after that I got all my data. They spent whole day for us to resolve the issue. At the end of the day I got all my data. All Thanks to support and the product feature. Overall as a customer I’m very much satisfied with the product.


Endpoint protection that goes beyond just data backup.

We had an immediate need for an endpoint backup solution based on a requirement passed down from our executive team. After reviewing the top players in this space and utilizing Gartner reports it was clear that Druva was the company we wanted to do business with. Druva InSync speaks for itself, we enjoy the peace of mind knowing our endpoint data is safe with minimal administrative overhead. Although our original use case for Druva included only endpoint backup we've since expanded into using InSync for governance/discovery as well as machine replacement and Windows 10 migration. Combining the cloud solution with onsite CloudCache allows us to quickly replace a customer's machine in a manner that is nearly seamless in the eyes of the customer. Druva InSync is a critical tool in our IT toolbox. After attending a Druva user conference last year it was clear to me that Druva as a company is different. They are focused on their customers and their customer's needs in a way that's rare in this industry. It's refreshing knowing that a software company stays so intune with their customer base.


Easy To Set Up, Simple To Administrate.

Between the easy to use interfaces, both on the admin portal and the end user client, and the customer service with their outgoing support mentality; everything has been incredible to use and integrate.