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Data Protection Suite, EMC Avamar

Avamar implementation was relatively easy, more time consuming that expected

The implementation of Avamar into our infrastructure design has been well accepted and very flexible. The Avamar virtual edition has proven to be a valuable tool/addition to the suite and it very easy to spin up and utilize. Couple this with Data Domain and we are seeing in excess of 45:1 compression and the front end de-dupe save bandwidth.

Data Protection Suite, EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker

Implementation was overly complex due to Vendor mistakes

I have implemented Avamar three times in my career for three different organizations. I do not know if it is related to the Dell merger but the EMC support that was available for this implementation were not up to the standard that EMC usually delivered.

EMC Avamar

Great product, easy to use, replicates data well.

Great product, easy to use, replicates data well. Integrates with EMC Data Domain.

EMC Avamar

Less troubles and more opportunities with Avamar

Good product and service while the time to market was an issue: since the decision has been made on average it took 1 year for the systems to be in production. The Avamar product has been introduced in the environment through a trasnformation project to replace the legacy backup systems; in a second time it has been included as part of a STaaS (Storage as a Service) offering by the IT outsourcing service provider. Thanks to Avamar we were able to improve the backup operations in terms of performance, reliability and compliance, as well as more cost savings opportunities relatively the disaster recovery strategies.

EMC Avamar

Solid system, wake up with no issues

Extremly happy with outcome no issues

Data Protection Suite, EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker

EMC Avamar provides piece of mind

The product works very well and is stable for both backups and recovery. We encountered very few issues and when we did EMC was able to quickly resolve them.

EMC Avamar

Implementation was easy but vendor support was not prestine

Support services was lacking

EMC Avamar

EMC Avamar/Data Domain will Blow you away!

The overall process was great. From product demo to product implementation

EMC NetWorker

Implementation and support are terrible, products good but not rock solid.

We purchased two Data Domain 2200s from EMC. The problems we experienced began with the implementation. The EMC implementation team took a month to begin the process of installing and setting up the Networker server. We had problems with backups failing in VMware and problems installing the Networker client on older Linux and AIX systems. Prior to this, I had no experience with EMC's backup appliances. The implementation team had to open service requests to get the problems resolved. This would be okay if tech support actually resolved the problems, but they did not. I eventually found documentation on installing in Linux and AIX and got those systems running. I was also experiencing issues with the VSS service on a couple of Windows VMs I was trying to backup. Again, tech support was no help. It took me three weeks of research on my own to figure out the resolution to the problem. When it was over, it had been three months (the entire Spring season of 2016) before all of our backups were stable. Then began the process of implementing the second Data Domain to clone the first. I will put it this way, we began this project in March of this year and are still do not have a successful clone. The service request I opened the beginning of September has still not been resolved. Their support is the worst support I have ever dealt with in over twenty years of experience. I would like to tell you that this was a result of the Dell acquisition of EMC, however, I cannot. We had issues way before Dell took over. I do wish I could go into more detail, but I am limited to the number of characters I can type here.

EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, Other...

Very pleased with EMC and their products.

We have had nothing but good experiences with EMC and the Subject Matter Experts. Good customer service and resonably strong product.