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Need additional steps to make it easy for Customer use and troubleshooting

The product has some way to go and is on the right path for maturity. At this point is still behind the market leader

Microsoft Azure Backup, Microsoft DPM, Other...

Azure Backup is native component to the Azure Ecosystem

Azure backup is part of the service chain and works well.

Microsoft DPM

Working well with some minor issues for us to resolve

Our company recently switched from Veeam to DPM for our VM backups. Advantages of this switch are that we are utilising Azure for off-site retention of our backups, backup management is centralised, and our cost is reduced because DPM was included in our current licensing, whereas we were paying additional for Veeam. One issue we have experienced is that the use of VSS has conflicted with some of our SQL Server jobs, causing failures when some jobs run concurrently with backups.