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Symantec NetBackup

NetBackup 7.7.3 implementation - straightforward!

The implementation of the Netbbackup OpsCenter tool, and the upgrade of our master servers to the 7.7.3 version went smoothly. OpsCenter required a hot fix (which Symantec had documented and available prior to the upgrade), and the upgrade procedures were much the same as the had been in the past (which is always appreciated). The downtime was minimal, and even a remote install was no issue.


Implementation was easy, and there is peace of mind with the support contract

No issues with vendor or products. Installed and setup without any issues.

Symantec NetBackup

Robust technology but more intelligence is needed so are the policy and procedures

The product works fine and is very robust. As anything else we do, the technology can only do as much as your policy and process go. It has all kinds of reports, error logs but when you manage a large envrionment, it becomes overwhelming and could not deal with all the information you have. So more intelligence is needed, a robust process and policy are prerequisite for the success.