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Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends ReliableDR

Excellent product, simple deployment

I have known about this product for a number of years, and I have seen it mature over that time - although it has always been a stellar product. The implementation of the VMware based UEBs is one of the most simplest process I have ever experienced. The seeding process has been a bit more difficult, mostly because of the hardware restrictions and outdated documentation.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Implementation is easy. The support is great

Overall good experince so far. The onboarding team was not so great, but the support team is awsome. Any support issues or problems are resolved very quicky.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Work as expected

Solution is very easy and quick to implement, even with complex replication. Backup are reliable. Support is very good but not always as quick as expected. We expected a bit more retention but it's not an issue.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Very powerful and simple to use

Since Unitrends has continually added features to their product and provides excellent support it is hard to find faults. Very rarely does the software need baby sitting or hand holding to do its job.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

great affordable backup solution

I have implemented this backup solution about 2 months ago and so far everything is working as expected. I am getting good reliable backups and have more control then I did when I was on Backup Exec 16. When I had a problem with the backup, in the beginning, i put a ticket into their support and they explained to me why I was getting some errors and ever since then I have bad no problems with it. It's pretty self-explanatory and they have a great video tutorial guide on how to perform all tasks needed. As well as offer a certification for their backup solution. They also have a great knowledge base as well and administration guides on whatever product you purchase.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Unitrends Backup

Unitrends was a very easy architecture, did an excellent proof of concept, and was very easy to work with during the actual implementation.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

implementation was easy, the features needed like email recovery are coming soon

My overall experience is very good. it's a very simple backup technology. the support works very well and 24 hours worldwide what is very important too. there are coming new features that will make of unit reads a leader for sure!

Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Upgrading to new appliances is a breeze.

Unitrends has always been very responsive when I have needed support. They are always available to answer questions whether it be related to sales or support.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Outstanding Support

Implementation was straightforward and simple. I had some issues initially - primarily relative to our NAS targets. UniTrends could have pointed the finger and ceased to assist - but they didn't. They saw us through to the end.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Features, Support, and reports make Unitrends Backup my choice.

Everyday Unitrends Backup is becoming my one and only choice for backup, recovery, and DR. We previously had to rely on a handful of different backup applications to cover all our needs. Unitrends covers us from Physical to Virtual, and from agent to agentless. We feel finally confident we have one product to protect everything from Exchange, File Shares, SQL, to SharePoint – and soon cloud resources too. Unitrends licensing is simpler, and the Support is unmatched. In fact, Unitrends Support is the hidden gem that keeps us expanding our Unitrends deployment. Hands down the best decision I have ever made. One of the features I really like is the reports. I get a daily report that shows the past weeks backups and replication. It is easy to read and useful, managers have started asking to get a copy. Another nice feature is the ability to view all of my Unitrends Backup systems from a single pane, and with the AD integration with permission control - I allow others to view as well. Being able to share the view with others is important, so those engineers and others can see if a source machine is in a backup process before they begin making significant changes.