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Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends ReliableDR

Intuitive backup and responsive vendor

The intial setup and training went without a hitch. The solution is a breeze to use and changes are even more simple when we need to add/drop servers to the backup environment. Our first test with the RelianbleDR took a bit longer than expected but it was on Unitrends to work out the bugs. Still have a few minor items that are causing some glitches with certain VMs spinning up with VMWare Tools but support has been great at ownership of the outstanding tickets and the communications has been great with the engineering team.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Great backup/recovery solution.

The Unitrends Recovery Appliances are great, they do exactly what they are designed to do and that is to provide a reliable backup and recovery appliance. We are no going on 3 years of using them and have had very few issues, the issues that we have had are always quickly dealt with by the great customer support reps. Even when an issues need to be escalated we have never had it take more than a day or two to be solved. Implementation can take some time but that is to be expected and again the support is first class during the process. Pricing is not out of the range of other similar appliances and Unitrends seems to have special deals quite often that can make getting one even better. They are also very understanding about timelines, they will allow you test the product out for a certain time before making a commitment however if you are unable to get comfortable with it in that time they are very reasonable about extending that. They truly make it feel like they want to work with you, they are not just looking to get your money, they want their product to work in your environment and are willing to pull out the stops to make sure it does.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Implementation and training was fluid and intuitive.

Tech Support is fantastic and technical staff is proactive. ie: If there is a drive issue, they are the ones letting me know!

Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Recovery Series appliances, Unitrends ReliableDR, Unitrends Virtual Backup

Unitrends: It'll backup you're data SO HARD

Really great experiences with support. Usually our go to when it comes to migrating from lesses Backup solutions.


Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Unitrends : it just works !

The sales rep who called me was terribly friendly and not pushy at all, she helped us clarify our backups need, provided us with an evaluation version of their system and helped us compare between multiple solutions. We ended up selecting a system that was in our target budget and with plenty of room for our growing needs. We bought through our usual provider so the purchase went without a hitch. A short but sufficient formation was included so the appliance initial setup was easy and we were up and running in days. The system is pretty solid, we had to contact support only once or twice.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Very please with the appliances and support.

Very please with the appliances and support. Easy to use with good features.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Implementation was painless, out of box ready top use and backup data.

Easy to use and manage ... Tech Support has been extremely helpful and has worked through issues with high level of performance and knowledge.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

For those who don't want to lose sleep over backup issues...

These appliances do exactly what they are advertised as being capable of doing in all the functional areas that we require. No exceptions and no worries. I simply think the products are outstanding. There are no surprise costs, and no convoluted licensing models. Contact with Unitrends employees at all levels is always very positive. Support in general is goal-oriented and achieves the desired results without exception. Having said that, there have been occasions where the reaction times were somewhat longer than expected. However, this can be attributed to the time zone difference because my company is located in Germany. There have been instances (almost always in the middle of the night eastern standard time) where the required resource just wasn't on shift. Situations where escalations were necessary are indeed rare. From sales to support the overall experience with the comprehensive solution would allow me to recommend Unitrends products with no caveats. Which I do on a regular basis.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Excellent Backup Solution

Unitrends has grown as a company, and there have been some troubles with support in the past, however it is an overall solid product with good support.

Unitrends Recovery Series appliances

Simple but not extensible nor resilient.

Adequate performance but horrible logging and worse support. Features are good on the surface as long as things work. Any issues related to environment rists all configuration and will trigger rebuild.