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Implementation was easy

Challenge to manuver through company politics since the separation.


Hands down the product works. The integration with VMware and databases is great

We are a service provider that has multiple clients with mission critical applications. We use Netbackup to protect the data in in our data cetenters, the client data center and in conjunction with DR solutions. The VMware and database integration is key to improving our backups and to reducing the impacts backups have on client applications. The backup appliances are a great fit as well and easier to manage then our old home grown media servers


NetBackup 7.7.2 provided a solid upgrade release in our VmWare environment.

We had upgraded from 7.6.2 to 7.7.2 which resolved a number of issues with Windows 2012 R2 servers along with some VmWare 6.x issues. Overall the 7.7.2 release is a very solid release in our environment utilizing NetBackup 5230 appliances and covering approximately 500-600 virtual hosts.


Rock Solid Data Protection but at a Price

Veritas provides a high quality product that covers the full spectrum of data we need protected. While they provide a solid product, they are also one of the most expensive. Their products is rock solid, but not the easiest to administer.


We're using the product, now what?

It's a good product. No client for AS400/mainframe. older technology, nothing like puredata and/or simplivity

NetBackup, Other...

Easy implementation once the compatible hardware was found

Good technical support


Easy to implement, but expensive and has several hidden "gotchas"

Implementation was straight forward, however there is significant "fine tuning" that is required for true success with the product that is overly complicated. Product is expensive and designed to cost you more than is necessary (double-counting backup data TBs, not de-duping data across appliances, etc.).


Costs can be prohibitive, but stable performance and reliability makes it worth it.

Overall we have had positive experiences with Symantec/Veritas since we rolled this system out in 2012 have been positive. In Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, we attempted a major upgrade of our Appliances to the new RHEL-based operating system release. We experienced significant truble with that upgrade, but to be fair most of our struggles revolved around our "unique" setup of having a high number of VLANs that this must be tagged into. Since the change back to Veritas, I have not been pleased with changes to their support structure (moving from dedicated reps to teams of people we do not ever meet), as we lost a lot of ground on support tickets since they have no history or intimate knowledge of our setup; which leads to recommendations that are not applicable to our setup. Our sales/relationship manager has been fantastic from day one. I appreciate the ability to escalate issues with ease within their organization, and my CTO has direct lines of communications with their leadership in the event we need to have those type conversations. The product from a backup/restore angle has been rock-solid overall. We have issues from time to time, but overall we are backing up several hundred systems with only 2% of the systems that have occassional issues with corrupt/blank backups or backup failures due to snapshot locks. Overall I am very pleased with the product, as well as the relationship management. The support is okay, but not excellent. The cost is significant, but you get what you pay for. I'd recommend this product to mid-to-large enterprises.


For over 15 yrs Veritas has continued to provide rock solid solutions for our organization

POC went well and went smoothly into produciton


Implementation was easy, support resources were great

I did not deal with Veritas much directly as the support contract was through Sun Microsystems. Most of my dealings with Veritas was with their support web site which was good. All of the updates I needed as well as knowledge base articles were available there.