Veritas Technologies (formerly Symantec)

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Veritas Backup Exec

Backup Exec Works for Us

Support has been great, and backup jobs run without error. I have had to restore things here and there and never had an issue.

Veritas Backup Exec

Upgrading is always a gamble.

Product works well in most scenarios. However more complex environments the product starts to become more unstable.

NetBackup Appliances, NetBackup Software

Simple and effective implementation

The solution is stable

NetBackup Appliances, NetBackup Software

Needs improvement in the Tech Support

It offers most of the things I require from a backup software. Reliable backup system. Most of my data is backed up for sure. Integration with other products made easy i..e..Vmware, Mysql etc.

Veritas Backup Exec

Easy implementation and useful but some errors

Mostly works like a charm

Veritas Backup Exec

Works Great

Produt works great right out of the box.

Veritas Backup Exec

Easy implementation...

Overall the implementation went smoothly. We had a few licensing hiccups but they were worked out quickly with 1 easy phone call.

NetBackup Software

Netbackup is a great enterprise level backup solution

Overall NetBackup is an excellent tool. I would like to see more functionality around the ability to specify stop a job at a predetermined time.

NetBackup Appliances

NetBackup a very good solution but an expensive one .....

Netbackup solution is very good but it's also very expensive. I would look at the market to see if there are better products and cost effective solution rather then pay much more for a single solution.

NetBackup Appliances

Great end-to-end engagement with this vendor!!

Customer server team is excellent. Pre-sales and engineering were also very helpful to design the right product to meet our needs.