Veritas Technologies (formely Symantec)

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NetBackup Appliances

NetBackup a very good solution but an expensive one .....

Netbackup solution is very good but it's also very expensive. I would look at the market to see if there are better products and cost effective solution rather then pay much more for a single solution.

NetBackup Appliances

Easy project implementation from start to finish!

Vendor selection was easy due to a good reputation of Veritas in the current market. They've kept most of the basics that Symantec introduced with their products which have been working well for our other business partners in the past. So it was an easy decision. The implementation was smooth and painless.

NetBackup Appliances

NetBackup is a complete enterprise backup solution.

Version enhancements make NetBackup a complete enterprise backup solution. Front End Terebyte cost model is expensive.


Affordable product for PME, but needs some stabilization.

Veritas Backup Exec is a mature product with an abordable total cost of ownership. It have almost every functions that we need from a recovery software and integrate with VMWare ESX/VCENTER product. It provides affordable deduplication, and we can cloud storage in Amazon Glacier with Virtual Tape technology. But there is some major issues with the product. The product is not that stable. A lot of jobs fails without good recovery option. Services failed, and sometimes, corruption happens in the deduplication drive. Tape duplication hang for no apparent reason. Even after consulting with support, who tries their best to help you recover the data, sometimes, the only viable solution is to start over which is unacceptable for our last line of defence. We stayed with this product only for budget terms. We're re-evaluating other products for a replacement in short to medium term. Better product integrates and optimize virtualization platform backup. There is also always the worry that the backup won't work at the time you need it because no way to schedule easily automatic recovery testing. This product aim at PME as ourself with agressive pricing, but it needs a lot more stabilization for making something that we can really trust without close monitoring.

NetBackup Appliances


Stable Prduct with good support.

NetBackup Appliances

A good out of the box backup solution.

For the most part it worked as it should, but we had some trouble with some UNIX/Linux servers. Once we got those sorted out, we were good to go on all aspects. The use and management of the software is very intuitive and easy to learn.

NetBackup Appliances

Great Product for small data footprint.

Veritas has very excellent customer service in all sections of backup. There is a group of technician dedicated to SQL, Duduplication, File Server, and Recovery to name a few. The technician walks you through all phases of implementation to production.

NetBackup Appliances

Large virtual environment now protected bt Netbackup

We chose netbackup due to its footprint in data centers world wide. they have a vision that is being impemented with the design of this product. we love the features it provides for our large virtual environment.

NetBackup Appliances

Easy to deloy and worked as expected using NetBackup to backup Exchange

Works well with lot of different Operating Systems and VMs

NetBackup Appliances

Implementation was easy

Challenge to manuver through company politics since the separation.