4.1 out of 5 (7 Ratings)

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Excellent 3D model of the data center and growing elegance in device inter-connectivity.

The iTRACS team has been highly responsive and willing to adapt. The 3D models of the data center are excellent. Vendor savvyness with power-chain modelling is improving. Webclient is valuable for non-power users.


Implementation was easy, vendor was able to pivot on ever changing requirements and needs.

Rich data driven solution and excellent vendor relationships developed and maintained. Implementation process was relatively painless, while the vendor was able to adapt to our changing requirements during implementation. We leveraged a wealth of knowledge and data in multiple repositories and the vendor was able to sift through and deliver the outcome we requested.


Powerful and feature rich tool which anyhow requires lots of work to deployed internally.

- Deployment has required more manpower than expected - Some SW bugs found during integration, anyhow supplier responded quite fast for those - Lots of features in much better shape than competitors, i.e. cable management, real-time monitoring, 3D modelling, asset data management - Very good co-operating model with tool supplier, training, and on-line support


Implementation took long as no documentation existed. The tool works for us now.

The 3rd party underestimated the complexity of our Data Center (Cable company Engineering Labs) so the project was delayed but they accepted the challenge and the end result is good.