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FNT Command

A quick and simple implementation with results beyond expectations.

FNT provides an end-to-end service package for the deployment of Command. They supported us through a big-bang deployment, launching 400 users the same day. While most of the deployment work was done internally, FNT provided its experience and expertise of the deployment methodology. Now that Command is in production, our contacts with FNT have continued to be frequent as we deploy a further 7 data centers in Asia and expand the scope of functionalities. Migrating from a home-grown tool has proven relatively easy. Their integrated ETL platform (Staging Area) has allowed us to plan and test the transfer of data in a development environment before our production data was transferred. It provided extra options to launch the platform in production such as migrating over 100,000 records in a short freeze period, just before launching the tool in production. Thanks to their support and initiatives, we have managed to go from purchase to deployment in 16 weeks. The user engagement was paramount and mainly driven by an equally involved team from FNT. Their support was quick to propose solutions to our problems, while their product/training teams offered a much-needed overview of the functionalities. We are now planning to integrate Command with other platforms (BMS, EPMS, Ticketing, Ordering, and Billing) to make it a central component of our operations. It has proven to be of great value to our team so far and will continue to do so.

FNT Command

Very good product and excellent pricing model to scale.

Good support and strong technical expertise. Flexibility to support by going out of the way.

FNT Command

Excellent tool, easy implementation and easy to user.

I have good experience with the tool and a full overview of the data centers.

FNT Command

Positive purchase, implementation, and support. We’d do it again.

The tool has the expected functionality. The support team is extremely helpful. They listen and respond to our needs.

FNT Command

The implementation goes smooth.

The implementation goes smooth and we get help from vendor engineer during the configuration.