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Vendor responded to our needs quickly, however some enhancements were slow to come about

The Vendor was easy to work with. Very receptive to our suggestion and needs. Some of which were introduced in later relaces.



Implementation was easy, adoption was slow.

With this product, our organization was able to visual the location and utilization of assets in each of the 19 data rooms and 2 data centers throughout the state. Our implementation with the vendor was very smooth, however, there were some kinks in the chain as we moved to full scale. Each and every time there was an issue with scale, it was only a matter of hours before there was a resolution/optimization. These types of issues only came to bear in the beginning of the implementation with all challenges resolved in our pre-release phase of the product. This application also helped to highlight process challenges within the organization that had, historically, prevented the view from a single pane of glass. These process challenges (silos) caused a much slower internal adoption rate than we would have liked due to the incredible transparency of the data (i.e., metrics could not be "massaged" or manipulated before they were reported -- Simply is what it is). Overall, I would recommend this product to any organization that wishes to understand the true nature of their infrastructure and trends in the data center as well as in their IT systems. Our future roadmap for this product included projections for converged systems and hardware expansion.