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Rackwise DCiM X

Buyer beware

The product never worked as advertised. We also experienced non-existant customer support once Rackwise fell into financial trouble.

Rackwise DCiM X

Implementation was difficult, and UI/UX was suboptimal.

Our implementation experience was less than satisfactory. The team implementing/deploying it was unaware of the limitations with the client (has lot of dependencies with Office 2010), plus the solution seemed very slow.


Rackwise DCiM X

Low cost, but company seems like it's dying

Cost point was reasonsable as comparwd to competitors, but support and innovation was slow.

Rackwise DCiM X

Specific DCIM focus on cabling infrastructure.

In the beginning of the product purchase Rackwise was very attentive. As time went on I began to realize the support staff was not as helpful as they first appeared to be. Either the company is understaffed or overwhelmed, but we are not getting the support needed. The product itself is very fitting for our needs but does not grow with the needs of the market.