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RFCode Asset Management

Easy to use product that serves the purpose we need it to

The experience was good. We had 3 people from the company fly out to help us with the initial deployment, then another person fly out to assist with the final deployment. I have had many helpful communications with the vendor since. They also flew out a couple people to survey us and ask how the product was working for us and what could be improved.

RFCode Asset Management

From Implementation to live in 24 hours

RF Code checks our requirements, if they have then they provide directly. If they do not have a solution they work directly with us to develop a solution for us

RFCode Asset Management

Easy implementation, needs more robust integration.

The product is good for what it does regarding temperature, however the integration with our DCIM (NetZoom) is weak. The tags can be seen but continually report as 'new', generating garbage messages. I would love to be able to import the DCIM room layouts into RFCode. However during a recent cooling event it really saved our bacon to see if our fixes were effective.

RFCode Asset Management

Implementation was easy, application was very intuitive.

Technical representative was knowledgeable and responsive. Product worked as advertised.