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Datacenter Clarity LC

Loved the product

Product was very good

Datacenter Clarity LC

Most advance and flexible system and they are improving ease of use via html5 interface

Ten DCIM suppliers were approached and were asked to participate into the RFI (Request for Information) process. Each DCIM supplier did a 4 hours presentation & demonstration of their product that was guided by us assuring to cover the main requirements we were looking for. Five selected DCIM suppliers were invited to participate to the next step; the RFP (Request for Proposal) where 154 requirements were to be answered by each DCIM supplier to know if they were to comply or not to our requirements. Also the suppliers capacity, cost, profile and history were evaluated by sourcing. At the end, only three DCIM suppliers are selected to move forward into this PoC evaluation process. The POC process has dealt with the DCIM deployment (small scale system) and the evaluation of the capacity and the responses received from the three DCIM suppliers within our own sandbox environment. This phase has taken ten days; three days for the commissioning of the DCIM system along with vendor using VM HM servers; and 7 day allocated for the evaluation of the different categories, e.g., Asset Management, Real Time Monitoring, Cabling and Reporting and Alarms. Our final choice came to be Siemens DC Clarity where it is the most advanced in terms of evolution both in short and long terms dependent upon the high end technology being integrated to their product. Siemens has a ranking of 4 out to 5 on almost all the criteria and its only weakness was the ease of use from operational point of view. They have a complex Windows client, full of options and functionalities that provide the most flexibility. Siemens is working on improving it’s a simple-to-use HTML5 client and is on the right track in the latest release we got where the 3D modeling is great and fast.