Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power)

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Sitescan is the DCIM of the Future

Implemented as planned and executing better than expected.

Trellis Platform

Trellis earns acceptance in our Technology Center

Emerson Network Power provides outstanding support and is committed to supporitng your business goals.

Trellis Platform

"implementation is alway tricky"

Good experience with 3rd party providers.

Trellis Platform

Implimentation was painful and future manegment is time consuming

While the sales team and service install team were easy to work with the product had a lot of issues that were "never seen before" by the vendor. I think they have a lack of SME's to aid in the implamentation of the product. The product is more cumbersome to use than anticipated. The install too 4 months longer to complete than specified by the vendor.

Trellis Platform

Implementation was a first of its kind, collaboration has delivered a unique DCIM solution

We presented the vendor with a full integration model for how we wished to use the information provided by DCIM and the integration required in order for the DCIM too to deliver value to the organization through data accuracy and reverence. There were at the time no other reference sites available that had achieved this vision or depth of integration. Emerson fully supported the vision and we jointly recognized the challenges in delivering the vision, requiring complex integration and high levels of customization. Emerson shared the risk and benefits of the vision and provided first class support including senior global management ensuring that the vision was met.

Trellis Platform

It took a bit of work, but we are able to get it working for us.

This is a very good tool and very powerful.

Trellis Platform

An excellent DCIM tool that is evolving with the industry.

Overall experience was excellent.

Trellis Platform

Trellis is a work-in-progress.

The product has experienced countless issues.

Trellis Platform

It Highlights A Software That Is The Same Product But Dissimilar Between Customers.

Working with them to think outside the box and working with customer to get to the end result.