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VCS Fabric Architecture, VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Brocade VDX Fabric the DataCenter.

Overall the Brocade VDX fabic has been very easy to adopt and manage. We have a networking team that was very Cisco-centric. They have been able to pick up on the Brocade implementation very quickly. We are currently using VMWare NSX and it ties in nicely. It gives you the ability to manage your datacenter resouces with a single pane of glass.

VCS Fabric Architecture

Solid platform, easy to provision new devices. Much easier management.

Our Ethernet Fabrics deployment was fairly painless. We had a couple specific issues to my organization, but Brocade was very responsive to our issues and Requests for Enhancement. The level of individual attention was much higher than most vendors give to us.

VCS Fabric Architecture, VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Brocade VDX supports Vmware NSX Leaf/Spine

The Brocade VDX product family provided a fully operational Leaf/Spine architecture to be tested with Vmware NSX with in a POC environment.

VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Brocade VDX implementation

The vendor dedicated time to seeing the project completed.

VCS Fabric Architecture

Flexible ADC (and WAF) supporting VMs on premise and in the cloud-licensed by throughput.

A very flexible license model for virtual machines based on drawing down from a pool of GB/s throughput (in 1MB/s increments). Allows us to install many small ADC/WAF services in nonproduction, and larger throughput dedicated VMs for production. The hard yards are working through the internal support of the WAF function within our organisation. ADC was not a problem but not the same support team as the WAF side.

VCS Fabric Architecture, VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

plus and play reliability.

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure.


VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Fire and forget storage connectivity for the business.

The complete account management through the technical support for installation, configuration and turn up for production use... extremely reliable.

VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Impressive functionality, Challenging implementation.

Vendor is outstanding but product implementation can be challenging.

VDX or SLX Switching Portfolio

Easy to set up.

Meets our needs.