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Dell Data Center Switches, Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

It was never consistent. Since different NICs handled LRO differently, etc...

No problem at all.

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Easy Implementation, Great performance

Our S4810s never miss a beat. This is our 5th year using them and they are performers. Never had any issues with realiability or speed. Configuration was a breeze. CLI is very easy to use.

Dell Data Center Switches

Implementation was good with solid product

The project was professional and well managed from planning to implementation.

FN IO Module for Dell FX2 chassis

Installation was a breeze

Dell came onsite and helped us configure the FN modules. They were very helpful and knowledgable throught our implementation.

FN IO Module for Dell FX2 chassis

Dell FX2 deployment

worked with org dell rep to customize solution to replace legacy hardware. Expierence was extremely satisfying.

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Dell Force10 Datacenter Switching Review

These datacenter switches have worked well and functioned in our environment with little interaction from us. The support tickets have been minimal over the 4 years and any issue solved quickly.

Dell Networking S-Series Managed Switches

Implementation easy but needed to search for best practices for implementation

They were very helpful in the implmentation.

PowerEdge M-Series Blade Interconnects

Implementation was a bit complex but help from Dell and Avalon really made it very smooth.

We have worked with Dell and Avalon and both have been very instrumental in helping us implement the new hardware and software.

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Implementation was medium complexity due to network complexity

Great product and support

PowerEdge M-Series Blade Interconnects

Implementation was easy, but a change in software meant custom work was required

The design is very simple. A pair of Cisco 5Ks provides L2 while Cisco 7Ks do all L3. Dell IOAs are set up in a ring with dual 40Gb Fabric A/B (East-West) traffic for six Dell Chassis. Out of the ring, 2 chassis provide uplinks 80Gb Fabric A/B (North/South). The IOAs maintain all L2 traffic within the Ring and provide the best route for any North-South traffic that needs to travel to the uplinked chassis. Each pair of 5Ks supports up to 4 rings for a total of 24 chassis and 384 blades. While Dell has been a great partner, we did run into a problem with their management software. After the POC was completed and before production implementation, the management software was deprecated and replaced by software from a new vendor (Gale Technologies). Unfortunately, the new software did not immediately have all the capabilities to manage the solution end-end. Thus, it has taken Dell several years to bring the software up to feature parity with the prior solution. This resulted in our teams having to implement some of their own automation to be able to manage the solution.