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Dell Data Center Switches

Dell Storage Switches are really good

Always up and available. Really good storage switches.

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Implementation was easy, integration with Fortinet Firewalls and other switches was ok

The technology work well in intergration with our network appliances

Dell Networking S-Series Managed Switches

DELL Managed Switch - What your small business needs to thrive.

Overall the install took only about an hour, maybe two. It was very quick and configuring emulation was simple enough. Once that was complete, it was basically plugged and play and from there you can manage what services need be. Overall with the managed series you get the premier pro support from dell, so they basically set it up for you if need be.

Dell Data Center Switches, Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

It was never consistent. Since different NICs handled LRO differently, etc...

No problem at all.

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Dell/Force Ten switches just as easy and cheaper than the big dogs

The IOS for the Dell Switches were very easy to configure considering the pricing for Cisco

Dell Force10 Data Center Networking

Easy Implementation, Great performance

Our S4810s never miss a beat. This is our 5th year using them and they are performers. Never had any issues with realiability or speed. Configuration was a breeze. CLI is very easy to use.

Dell Data Center Switches

Implementation was good with solid product

The project was professional and well managed from planning to implementation.

PowerEdge M-Series Blade Interconnects

Was OK

Rollout was good - service after not as good as expected.

FN IO Module for Dell FX2 chassis

Installation was a breeze

Dell came onsite and helped us configure the FN modules. They were very helpful and knowledgable throught our implementation.

FN IO Module for Dell FX2 chassis

Dell FX2 deployment

worked with org dell rep to customize solution to replace legacy hardware. Expierence was extremely satisfying.