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Extreme Networks Data Center Switches, ExtremeSwitching

Strong and powerful device especially X8. XOS is great, very concise CLI language.

My experience with Extreme devices is very positive, for non technical or economic reason I try to change vendor product two years ago (one of hypotetical same level), but after some trouble I quickly return to Extreme devices.


Good Portfolio for every necessity

Great support by the vendor from project to implementation.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches

Implementation Was Smooth, and Vendor Knowledge was Evident

very well versed with Extreme expertise

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches

Extreme Networks offers very robust platforms and a very knowledgeable support team.

Ordering the 7100 line of data center switches is very simple. Extreme networks sales engineers are very knowledgeable and were able to answer configuration build questions we had in a prompt manor. Configuration and management of the devices is not very complex. GTAC support is also very responsive when asking any questions or when troubleshooting an issue. Overall we hare highly satisfied by the support and services we receive from start to finish.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches, ExtremeControl, ExtremeManagement, ExtremeSwitching

Solid networking solutions, great network management and customer service.

Extreme Networks provides good networking solutions and is continually working to improve their Netsight Suite for visibility and management of the network. They have great customer service and are extremely responsive to the needs of their customers. I feel their strengths are in their management suite (Netsight), edge enforcement with policy, and great customer service.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches

Great Sales, Support and Products

From the Sales process finding the correct solution for us to our first installation and configuration, Extreme Networks has been great. Their support team doesn't talk down to you and is willing to jump right in. Another bonus, a fraction of the cost of a comparable Cisco deployment would have cost us.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches

Easy implementation with good performance and reliable results.

All systems have worked reliably and as intended.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches, ExtremeManagement, ExtremeSwitching

Making customer service count.

They offer help even when other vendors are involved and are more concerned with fixing the issue versus figuring out if it's a problem with their product.


Wireless made easy!

We initially started with the virtual controller, which is very cost efficient and scalable. Due to our environment, we opted to change to a physical controller. Extreme Networks was very accommodating in helping us transition to the controller change, and GTAC was extremely knowledgeable as we set up the new controller. We have deployed the new wireless to half of the campus thus far and have not had any major impacts to client sessions. The ability to assign roles at the AP for each WLAN service has helped our security posture as we prepare to implement the Extreme Access Control system. The current line of available access points is very robust and continues to grow and keep up with future trends. We currently are utilizing the AP3935i AC wave 2 access points and are very pleased with the performance. We are testing the new wall plate AP3912i, and are very impressed with its performance and range. As our establishment continues to grow I am confident Extreme will have a solution to keep us ahead of the curve.

Extreme Networks Data Center Switches

Learning curve, but worth the outcome.

The technical support for the product is one of the best we have had.