Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE switches

OEM information website confusing. Reseller provided quality support.

FlexFabric switches, HPE OneView, HPE Virtual Connect

HPE - Large Organization with great strengths and bad processes

1. When our teams call HPE, their support models are not conducive to the problem at hand all the time. 2. They have time and again passed the trouble shooting back to us. 3. Logistical support issues - "end of the shift for HP engineers that leads to passing off issues to another group". This leads to problem-solving all over again. Plenty of time wasted in bringing production systems operational. They do not have a seamless process to transition troubleshooting between their teams (Even if it means within their same teams who are changing work shifts). 4. At my level (CXO), time is consumed to follow up with their leadership for issue resolution. 5. Their HP OneView support needs to be revamped. Instances, where we have waited for 6 to 8 hours for HP OneView support, have occurred. 6. Our teams did not get any advise from their architects on how to design storage to meet different SLAs'. 7. To replace a blade from an enclosure, it takes 20 minutes (not a problem), but it takes an hour for OneView to recognize the change. Summary - Blade --> C7000 ---> HP OneView, this is a time consuming process. HP field engineers themselves are frustrated that this is happening.

HPE Comware

Learning experience but all came together as expected

Product worked as advertised and vendor provided assiatance when we needed it

HPE OneView

excellent support

Excellent support and ease of use

HPE OneView

Easy to implement the soultion

Easy to implement the soultion

HPE OneView

was not easy at the first

was not easy at the first

HPE 6125XLG Ethernet Blade Switch

easy to implement

fulfil our networking requirements