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QFX Switches

Good Implementation

Excellent Experience

QFX Switches

Our first implementation of Virtual Chassis and Virtual Chassis fabric went well

Virtual Chassis and Virtual Chassis Fabric worked well after implementation details were ironed out. Moving slowly and deliberately worked well. Interoperability with 40GE NICs was a problem that was eventually properly addressed.

MX Series, vMX, QFX Switches

Great partner and good products, but they need to speed up product development

We enjoy a great partnership with Juniper and feel we are treated as peers. Support is good and fast. Speed of new product and feature development needs to be faster and more agile.

MX Series, vMX, QFX Switches

Good partnership, needs even more agility

Generally a positive experience and we are continuing to invest in the partnership. The speed of new product/feature development could be even faster though.

MX Series, vMX, QFX Switches

We are supported in every aspect of the product experience.

We have been well advised and supported by Juniper. We are very happy with our product advisors and there overall level of expertise.

QFX Switches

Change was worth the effort

Forward thinking and willing to think differently on network architecture

MX Series, vMX, QFX Switches

Easy to deploy, easy to install, great performance

Easy to use hardware, technical specifications 100% delivered, trustworthy plattform, strong HW and SW architecture

QFX Switches

Juniper delivers value in Datacenters

Juniper is a proven and valued partner. They work to understand opportunities and provide solutions that deliver real business value.

MX Series, vMX, QFX Switches

Implementation in time with satisfied quality

profesional manufacturer. willing to to deliver good service

QFX Switches, Other...

We had a need to transform our network. The juniper base it was built upon delivered quick

juniper provides solid products in a core range of feature sets. juniper is also the chosen hardware supplier of our heavily trusted 3rd party vendor Netsol