Juniper Networks

4.5 out of 5.0 (31 ratings)
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MX Series, vMX, QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Easy to deploy, easy to install, great performance

Easy to use hardware, technical specifications 100% delivered, trustworthy plattform, strong HW and SW architecture

QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Juniper delivers value in Datacenters

Juniper is a proven and valued partner. They work to understand opportunities and provide solutions that deliver real business value.

MX Series, vMX, QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Implementation in time with satisfied quality

profesional manufacturer. willing to to deliver good service

QFX and EX Series, QFabric, Other...

We had a need to transform our network. The juniper base it was built upon delivered quick

juniper provides solid products in a core range of feature sets. juniper is also the chosen hardware supplier of our heavily trusted 3rd party vendor Netsol

QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Need a better monitoring tool

Was ok

QFX and EX Series, QFabric

"We implemented it exactly by the book …… get it done and overall highly satisfied"


QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Made it easy to move from a known platform to a platform with improved admin ease

From the Sales to engineering - very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyoned to keep the business relationship positive.

QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Juniper EX9200 series is competitively priced but careful planning required to manage

Initial implementation was rocky, but after we replaced the original architect we a more experienced architect, our conversion from each of our 6500s was under 5 minutes. Subsequent upgrades have been problematic, and we've uncovered previously unknown bugs. Account team is responsive, but sometimes sales is stronger than platform.

MX Series, vMX, QFX and EX Series, QFabric

Complete technology refresh

We are converting all of our Nortel gear over to Juniper and they have been working with us ever step of the way. During the design and build out they always keep us up to date with bleeding edge technology. They keep us informed of things that are in the pipeline so we are able to better build our infastructure. They are always willing to let us test drive things out before we buy. Which is a huge determing factor. If we cannot test something before we implement it we usually won't move forward with the purchase. I have enjoyed juniper products and they have a great product line that can really fit any need.

QFX and EX Series, QFabric

implementation/migration challenges but overall very successful rollout

great experience with everyone involved. SE and RE's were awesome.