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Datacenter and Cloud Services

Classic Microsoft - Everything works but some issues

Microsoft seems to be pushing hard for users to adopt their cloud strategy

Datacenter and Cloud Services

O365 - some problems to be aware of before migrating

Overall, I am satisfied with the decision to migrate to O365. However, there are some real problems to be aware of before making the move. We are a small/medium business that was managing all systems on premise. This computing environment requires 24x7. After conducting an assessment, we concluded that we did not want to invest with on premise technologies and decided our strategy would be cloud computing. Selecting Microsoft was easy. The O365 E3 offers – 1TB OneDrive, eMail w/ unlimited mailbox, core business apps, and SharePoint, while being accessible globally. The migration to cloud was relatively easy but we started realizing some problems. The main problems include: 1) Drive Mapping Issues – many of our staff use drive mapping to access files. The mappings to the Sharepoint URLs work but are very unstable. They disconnect often. This needs to be improved. 2) Changing Passwords Remotely –Microsoft does not have an effective password change mechanism when you use an on-premise domain controller. Microsoft said you can purchase an additional product for $8 per user which will allow this functionality. That is costly for small to medium businesses that are already paying the $20 per month per user. This functionality should be built in free of charge especially since it is a security issue. 3) End User Training - An organization needs to provide in depth training of the O365 web experience since many users did find this GUI environment confusing. In summary, Microsoft nailed providing small/medium business a stable and secure (check out their certs in Security Center) computer environment. For IT savvy folks it is great and easy to navigate, but for many corporate end users there are some challenges that need to be corrected.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Cloud Platform for the digital transformation of the NAS of Ukraine

The digital transformation of the National academy of science of Ukraine. The structure of the NAS of Ukraine includes 3 sections and 14 departments, which incorporate 159 research institutions. Research-and-production organizations (R&D offices, pilot production facilities etc.) function within some research institutions. Science objects that have the status of National Asset (nuclear, physical and astronomical research facilities, test equipment complexes, archive scientific collections and museum displays, plant genetic funds, collections of microorganism strains and plant lines, landmarks of history and culture etc.), as well as centers for shared use of scientific equipment are parts of their structure. Digital workflow based on cloud services. Corporate Internet / Intranet portal. Unified Communications and collaboration. Management of corporate knowledge.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

ARM is great.

The ARM deployment model has been great for quick deployments and prototyping new installations

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Good product

Azure platform is pretty fast and advanced.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Generally good, but lacking continuity in some aspects

Microsoft infrastructure is naturally more compatible with microsoft office products which are the standard world wide, and while some of the integration is still sketchy using microsoft provides a smoother transition than trying to integrate with disparate vendors.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud is easy, if you have a plan.

Capabilities and functionality of O365 and IaaS have allowed us to go to market faster with specific products. Only downside is that the product continues to be upgraded and changed, thus new and different GUI's for configuration are constantly evolving.


Huge community and vendor technical resources eased this transition

Little vendor involvement. Substantial use of vendor and community technical resources, which were numerous and generally detailed.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

PoCs made easy

Microsoft has been a reliable partner

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Advance skills on Identity and Access management.

Vendor architects has limited knowledge on Identity and access management.