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Datacenter and Cloud Services

Good product

Azure platform is pretty fast and advanced.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Generally good, but lacking continuity in some aspects

Microsoft infrastructure is naturally more compatible with microsoft office products which are the standard world wide, and while some of the integration is still sketchy using microsoft provides a smoother transition than trying to integrate with disparate vendors.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud is easy, if you have a plan.

Capabilities and functionality of O365 and IaaS have allowed us to go to market faster with specific products. Only downside is that the product continues to be upgraded and changed, thus new and different GUI's for configuration are constantly evolving.


Huge community and vendor technical resources eased this transition

Little vendor involvement. Substantial use of vendor and community technical resources, which were numerous and generally detailed.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

PoCs made easy

Microsoft has been a reliable partner

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Advance skills on Identity and Access management.

Vendor architects has limited knowledge on Identity and access management.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Excellent value, but a sometimes steep learning curve, yield generally successful outcome

Overall the experience has been excellent. Learning curve has at times been a bit slow and I wish documentation and training opportunities were better for Azure Search, which is the key IaaS product we've been working with. But we are very satisfied with reliability of service, pricing, vendor relationship, and quality of products.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Planning is the Key

All implemented services have worked well. Planning is the Key

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Smooth so far! Looking forward to next steps.

Everything is good so far. We are ramping up further transtions to Azure. We are looking forward deep integration with Cortona Intelligence Suite. Smooth so far. Much faster than internal implentaitons and ramp time.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud is no longer a Risk, its a solid strategy

MS knows what they are doing. They are investing Billions and this is only going to get better.