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Datacenter and Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud is no longer a Risk, its a solid strategy

MS knows what they are doing. They are investing Billions and this is only going to get better.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Easy to use and implement

While experience has been mainly good, there is room for improvement in regards to providing support

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Azure storage, transactional cost surprise

The deployment process is pretty straightforward and seamless. Pricing model can lead to misunderstanding, for example when pricing blob, transactional part of price can lead to a total cost much much larger than expected.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Acquisition of the Services and Roll was relatively straightforward

It was always a struggle to find the right reource in the organization.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Implementation was easy and cost driven

Experience was excellent in both services and product features.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Azure Cloud

The services are rich in nature with many capabilities

Datacenter and Cloud Services, Other...

The tools made available were sufficiently flexible to implement our complex design

First level support has been worthless When we get field engineers involved (difficult to got to) we were able to remedy issues The products have perfoemed well overall, especially the HA features


Right Management Service

On time information and guidance when issue arise.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Products are excellent, but they need to think about the end to end service

The products themselves are very good. However, Microsoft need to think more about the end to end service irresepective that there may be multiple 3rd parties and/or systems involved in the delivery of the services.

Datacenter and Cloud Services

Can Azure replace your datacenter?

We have been very pleased with what Azure IaaS environments to this point. Our main use has been for Test and Development environments.