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Attunity Replicate

Use Golden Gate instead

Very high promises on ease of use and vendor understading of database technologies. Oracle Replication with Golden Gate seemed so much more complicated. Attunity Replicate appeared to be the next gen of smart software for redo log replication. This was not the case as all. We experienced HUGE performance problems on using Microsoft's APS platform as the target. The vendor nt only proved that support was poor but also understanding of the target platform was also very very weak.


Attunity Replicate

Attunity Replicate to Ingest Data into Greenplum from Microsoft SQL

The tool is good at replicating real-time data from Microsoft SQL to Greenplum MPP

Attunity Replicate

Very easy to implement, and very simple to maintain and support

Attunity is a great replication tool and worked flawlessly in the first go, very easy to install and set up, and very simple to operate.

Attunity Replicate

Implementation of the tool was super easy. Needs custom solution to address few gaps.

Good advice and support during implementation with the vendor. Some of the features were not fully implemented for the Hadoop platform as a target. The company does not have a good timeline when these gaps will be addressed, however, they're committed to working with us and getting it resolved.

Attunity Replicate

Good Performance, Affordable

Product is largely as described, decent performance. Allows the mainframe data replication in near real time.

Attunity Replicate

Needs careful attention and planning but a comprehensive and well performing solution.

Vendor has excellent support. Responses through the on-line portal are swift and issues quickly passed to tier 2 when required. Consultants were a very high calibre and extremely knowledgeable. The product itself could use some updates to make it more user friendly and easier to maintain solutions. Particularly with respect to integrating into existing ALM cycles.

Attunity Replicate

does what we expected it to do

most of supports are from emails. Takes up to 3 days.

Attunity Replicate

Partnering from Contract to Deployment was a snap.

The vendor negotiated in good faith and acted as a partner during deployment of the software for a seamless experience.