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Data Virtualization Platform

Data Virtualization lives up to its name

The product does what it claims to do. Ongoing support and consulting services are still developing but the tool is working well for us.


Cisco Information Server, Data Virtualization Platform

Great support during project

Just great customer support during the project.

Cisco Integration Platform

Cisco-The Best

The overall product is very user friendly. It allows a smooth use for when dealing with customers and also working various systems. It allows me to work effectively and in a timely manner.

Data Virtualization Platform

The data virtualization champion but needs better training support and distributed memory

Very satisfied with the vendor. We conducted a 3-month pilot with our employees going deep into the tool and then executing on our use cases with real corporate data. Throughout this, the vendor was responsive and provided high-quality support. Unlike with the peers, Cisco DV was stable and needed few patches. Patches did not create instabilities like it did with others.They also accommodated an important concern for us by shipping out a patch. Finally, Cisco DV performed impressive ETL transformations even though we were targeting DV only for lightweight data integration scenarios. It does this so well that we think we can eliminate physical data marts that require complex ETL once we mature our practice.

Cisco Information Server

CIS Data Virtualization

CIS is a powerful tool that can help solve data federation challenges. The security/segregation of folders is difficualt to manage. Sometimes difficult to find knowledgable resources to assist in troubleshooting technical issues.

Data Virtualization Platform

Vendor account team is excellent, technology should be implemented with a specific scope.

The vendor support and partnership is great, but the product has not worked as expected, partly due to the way it was implemented. It should be implemented for specific use cases, but it was used for heavy payloads, all data integration and was doing a lot of schema on read and business logic in the programming.

Cisco Information Server

Implementation of the solution was straight forward.

It was a pleasure to work with Cisco on this project. They made sure that the project was a success. They went above and beyond.

Cisco Integration Platform

Nexus 7000


Cisco Information Server

Cisco is a little costly but has good reliable products.

Good support and service.

Cisco Integration Platform

Keep an open mind about data integration solutions.

Other options exist but not seriously considered.