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Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Informatica adds value year over year.

Informatica has a broad set of integration services and tools. The support is excellent both in response time and resolution. They do a great job helping you launch, including a POC if necessary. We have been a customer since 2009 and continue to add Informatica offerings/toolsets. Informatica has provided invaluable tools that have kept pace with our continued growth.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration, Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition


Overall good, took some time to return to P 1 calls.

Informatica PowerCenter, Other...

Easy implementation. Data Quality upgrade might be a challenge.

Informatica PowerCenter: Great product easy to use. Strong community and knowledge base. Agile development. Informatica Data Quality: Great product intuitive and easy to navigate. The downside of data quality: Not a smooth upgrade (version 8 to 9). Upgrade involved a complete rewrite. For instance, going from Melissa to Address Doctor. Json Parser: Not available. I had to write custom java code that was easy to integrate through "Java Transformation".

Informatica PowerCenter

Strong, Complex, Expensive

The workflows are complex and time-consuming but are very effective once complete. We're not sure yet how copy-able they are, but hoping that generic workflows will work well when repurposed so that we can save time.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Good product, strong company, strong roadmap but have need some critical capabilities

Good product which is still maturing. Solid roadmap. Need more flexibility and robustness in the product.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Bad supporting service

Support is terrible, product is very difficult.

Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter good Integration Platform

The experience was great. Informatica PowerCenter has quickly become a critical Integration Platform for us. The learning curve was smooth and we have already used it for multiple integrations.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Implementation Was Straight-Forward, Mature Model, Sales Folks Wanted To Upsell Still!

Working with a 3rd party we had a relatively straightforward implementation. Integrating an external 3rd party data provider supplying client records (securely) and posting them to Salesforce via the Informatica Cloud solution. Some minor transforms were necessary.

Informatica Platform, Informatica PowerCenter

Easy implementation

Great working with Informatica

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Lots of promises but fall short of some of them

Lot of promises but fall short of some of them