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SQL Server Integration Services

As part of SQL Server install, very straightforward

Very seemless install and integration into our systems

SQL Server Integration Services

I always think I'm going to like SSIS better than I do

I tend to end up putting tsql into a SQL Script task - not much different than scripting. It is easy to deploy and schedule through SQL Server - that is the best part

SQL Server Integration Services, Other...

Implementation is easy!

We are SQL Server from last couple of years and now thinking of movig to AWS becuase of SQL Server licences cost and other hardware related expences on primise.

SQL Server Integration Services

Easy implementation and smooth roll out.

We have implemented an enterprise-wide solution for jobs to integrated data across multiple platforms but mainly SQL Server databases. It was smooth and flawless and we were able to integrate the necessary security to make this an enterprise solution.

SQL Server Integration Services

Implementation was easy but could have been alot simpler.

I believe there are still a few areas where Microsoft can work to improve the product. In particular the web service integration is very limited and requires extensive scripting to compensate for it.


Robust product and cheap but the development effort is high and developers are expensive and hard to find

Microsoft didn't engage in a way that was satisfactory when we had questions and/or problems with the product.

SQL Server Integration Services

Excellent Product

We were pleased with the outcome

SQL Server Integration Services

It is reliable and trusted across

Good tracking capabilities and data processing.

SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS as integration tool

It's a cost effective tool.

SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS is a great introduction to data integration that makes perfect sense for SQL Server environments.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is a great fit for our SQL Server environment. The product has come a long way from the version in 2005. The logging and deployment is much better. There is still a learning curve with integration developers who are used to creating manual batch, BCP, and SQL Scripts.