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Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Brighter future

We like ODI for what it does and it has a great use as a code generator. The product has improved notably within the last 3 years.

Oracle GoldenGate

Golden Gate for Data Warehouse replication

Golden gate is a great data replication tool for Oracle Databases (between versions) and support diverse platform. The implemetation has some challenges with stored procedures and triggers, but once the items were addressed and in production, it is very stable.

Oracle GoldenGate

Transparent , reliable and powerful Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle Golden Gate is very transparent tool and really does real time data integration and helpful for various migrations including Cross-platform and on-premise to Cloud. Oracle Golden Gate has also solved our OLTP performance issue by converting this one database for every operations into 2 databases with real time data replication and seggregating duties between these two databases.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle GoldenGate

Upgrades are difficult to implement.

We started with ODI 10g in 2008. At that time we chose it over Goldengate. Our POC with Goldengate failed at that time due to a limit on transaction sizes. Our business need was to enhance are Enterprise Data Warehouse with transformed data from our ERP system. -- We upgraded to ODI 11g in 2012, we are now testing ODI 12c -- Once it's configured the product works well.

Oracle GoldenGate

Golden Gate Implementation easy - Be aware of the differences of heterogenous replication

We were lucky enough to be licensced for hetergenous while Oracle still supported capture from SQL Server. Installation of Oracle Golden Gate is very simple. Basic configuration does not take a large effort. If using any transformation or mapping of individual tables or schemas , a deeper thought process is required. Initial load process was not difficult. The hurdles we had to jump over included; table and column name length requirements of an Oracle database length limits, Oracle key words used as column names in SQL Server, and data type conversions. We have been a long term Oracle customer and during our initial use case for Golden Gate and ODI, 6 years ago, we built strong relationships with some of their top talent. These relationships have remained strong and have always been available for questions and willingness to provide guidance. For this latest project, I have reached out to Oracle for guidance as the new project is to use SQL Server database as the source and an Oracle database as the target. The guidance and recommendations have proven invaluable.

Oracle GoldenGate

Heterogeneous real time data replication for reporting and Zero downtime implementations.

Overall good experience. Encountered few bugs here and there which were properly addressed.

Oracle GoldenGate, Other...

Implementation was easy, but monitoring it adequate lt requires home-grown efforts

Goldengate is easy to install, and comes with a wide range of data conflict handling options, and ability to capture conflict-related data and metadata. I'd like to see Golden Gate on db2-LUW scale better to peak workloads, and if that requires tuning db2 settings, that needs to be included in the GG documentation.

Oracle GoldenGate

implementation of OGG


Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle GoldenGate

Golden gate is a great product and delivers efficiently but expert help will be required

Oracle is a mega-vendor; it offers standardised products; for any deviation or customization it is very difficult to work with as it is very large organisation, but overall out of the box features are normally highly satisfactory.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Implementation was not hard, But still long way to mature

Good product still maturing